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Nina’s your classic jump-and-shooter, and she hasn’t changed too much in these years. With the removal of Energy Capsules, she instead gets energy from Life Capsules(at a rate of roughly 2 energy healed for every 1 point of health healed), on-top of their usual health gain. Additionally, she gained the ability to fuse two weapons together. The fused version of these weapons are almost always a straight upgrade, with the only cost being that you only ever get one of each power per play-though. Note that you can always change both your current powers and their fusions in the pause menu.

Nina’s Weapons

Currently, Nina doesn’t have any truly unique weapons for her to switch to. Until we get some, this will only have the default N-Buster, and some core upgrades specific to it.

Your standard lemon shooter. mash the button to rapid fire. It also has a charge shot that much bigger in both damage and size, as well as the ability to pierce through defeated enemies.
At the cost of 2 cores, this upgrade fires in both directions. Currently, the secondary shots do not fire charged shots with you.

Nina’s Powers

Here’s the current information I have for Nina’s Powers. Currently, there are six powers. I will be explaining each power individually below, but here are some general notes about the modifers they give when used as fusion. I will not be mentioning the fusions unless they make a notable change to the weapon.

Aiming Gear(Aim):Allows you to change the position/direction the power is fired.

Crushing Void(Charge):Allows you to charge the weapon.

Crystal Wave(Freeze):Freezes enemies on hit, leaving them unable to move and attack. This also
forms an ice block around them, allowing you to use them as a platform/wall.

Negation Pulse(Shield):Allows weapon to destroy projectiles.

Rending Whirl(Persist):Gives the weapon a lingering effect.

Zen Mortar(Echo):Allows “Detonation” of the power through using the power a second time. Because of this, you cannot fire a second projectile until it is detonated/expired.

Aiming Gear

Aiming Gear fires a fairly fast projectile that can hit one enemy before expiring. Currently, this costs 0.5 energy, can be fired in 8 directions, and will slide off platforms that are not perpendicular to it.

Gear+Void(Charge):Fires 3 gears at the cost of 1 bar

Gear+Crystal(Wave):Freezes enemies, no longer deals damage.

Gear+Pulse(Shield):Allows the weapon to pierce enemies. Projectile will still be destroyed by some enemies.

Gear+Whirl(Persist):Leaves an lingering AOE after the projectile is destroyed that deals DoT.

Gear+Mortar(Echo):Pressing the power button again will cause the gear to split into 8, each firing at a different angle.

Crushing Void

Crushing Void fires a slow projectile that deals DoT and pulls enemies to the center of it. This can also be charged up to two times. This will cause the projectile to become larger, move faster, and deal more damage, Though this is also at the increased the cost. The price of power is 1, and further increases by 1 for each charge.

Void+Gear(Aim):Allows you to fire the projectile in the 8 possible directions.

Void+Wave(Freeze): Changes the weapon. Instead, spawn an ice-block below you. it will fly forwards until it expires. Charging the weapon will increase the size, speed, and piercing capability of the weapon. Power cost starts at 2.

Void+Pulse(Shield):Allows the Void to both pull in and destroy projectiles.

Void+Whirl(Persist):Changes the weapon. Instead, form a void around you as a lingering AOE. The Void will stay on you until it expires. Charging it increases it’s size and damage. The Power cost starts at 1.

Void+Mortar(Echo):Pressing the power button again will cause the cause the void to explode, dealing a burst of damage in a larger area around it.

Crystal Wave

Crystal wave fires a projectile that freezes all enemies it hits. This weapon does not deal any damage, but can be used to stall the enemies, or simply as platforms to reach higher areas. The starting cost is 1.

Wave+Gear(Aim):Allows you to fire it in the 8 possible directions.

Wave+Void(Charge):Changes the weapon. Instead, fires an large AOE around you, freezing enemies. Charging the weapon increases the range and duration.

Wave+Pulse(Shield):Causes the weapon to turn projectiles into ice blocks, destroying them in the process.

Wave+Whirl(Persist):Increases the duration of the freeze. Currently, it seems to last forever for minor enemies.

Wave+Mortar(Echo): Spawns an ice-block at the detonation point.

Negation Pulse

Negation pulse fires an AOE centered around you. The Pulse will deal damage to enemies, and destroy projectiles. The starting cost of this power is 1.

Pulse+Gear(Aim):Allows you to aim the pulse in the 8 possible directions

Pulse+Void(Charge):The charged version of this weapon will much more damage and covers most of the screen, the charged version costs 4.

Pulse+Wave(Freeze):Causes the wave to freeze enemies, but removes the damage of the weapon.

Pulse+Whirl(Persist):Changes the weapon. The weapon creates four bubbles that orbit around you. bubbles will protect you from both enemies and projectiles, but are destroyed by the first threat it connects with. The bubbles otherwise have unlimited duration.

Pulse+Mortar(Echo): Pressing the power button again will cause an additional pulse with double the range.

Zen Mortar

Zen Mortar fires a projectile straight upwards. This weapon is affected by gravity, so will fall straight down after some time. Pressing the power button again will cause it to explode, firing two additional Mortars perpendicular to the first. The starting cost of this Power is 1.

Mortar+Gear(Aim):Allows you to fire in the 8 possible directions.

Mortar+Void(Charge):Charging the weapon makes the main projectile slightly bigger, deal more damage, and split into six upon hitting the power key again. Increases the cost by 1

Mortar+Wave(Freeze):Spawns an ice block at the detonation point.

Mortar+Pulse(Shield):Causes an lingering AOE to spawn at the detonation point. The AOE will both damage enemies and destroy projectiles.

Mortar+Whirl(Persist):Changes the detonation. Instead, creates a lingering AOE that will also constantly spit out smaller mortars for the duration of it’s effect.

Rending Whirl

Rending Whirl fires a vertical line centered on you, in the form of lingering AOE. This both hits above and below you a fair distance, but has limited horizontal range. The starting cost is 1.

Whirl+Gear(Aim):Allows you to fire in 8 possible directions. Weapon instead starts from the tip of the barrel and moves forward.

Whirl+Void(Charge):Charging the weapon makes a much larger tornado that lasts longer, and deals more damage. The charged version cost 2.

Whirl+Wave(Freeze):Causes enemies to spawn ice-blocks on death.

Whirl+Pulse(Shield): Causes the tornado to reflect projectiles. Reflected projectiles will instead damage enemies.

Whirl+Mortar(Echo):Pressing the power key again will split the tornado into two, the tornadoes will spread apart for a short period before expiring as well.

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