7th Sector: 100% Achievement Guide (All Endings)

All achievements for 7th Sector, in the order they appear, with as little replaying as possible.


This is how to get every achievement in 7th Sector, with as little backtracking as possible.

7th Sector has four endings, each of which earns you an achievement. This guide takes you through the game in a way that means you only have to play the whole game once, then you can get the remaining three endings just by replaying a few levels with Level Select.


The guide is ordered by level. The current level isn’t indicated directly on the screen, but it changes every time you pass a level gate (pictured below). You can’t always walk back to previous levels, but you can always use level select: pause the game and choose “Load” from the menu to select any level you’ve reached, including the one you’re currently playing.

First Playthrough (levels 1-20)
There are several transformer puzzles in the game, some are optional, others are required for progress. 10 of them are special, their completion is counted on the DATA screen in the pause menu, and these are the ones that decide which ending you’ll see. If you complete any, it locks you out of two endings, and completing such a transformer is saved permanently, you can only erase your whole save and start again.

So for safety’s sake, this guide advises you DON’T COMPLETE ANY SPECIAL TRANSFORMERS on your first playthrough. We’ll get them later.

Level 1

Your first achievement. Get killed 5 times by the orange sparks here.

HDD 1/12
There are 12 HDDs to collect, collecting them all will give you the Chronicles achievement. We will collect 11 of them in the first playthrough, and the final one in the third playthrough. The game gives you a tutorial on how to collect HDDs when you approach it. When you collect an HDD, it appears on the DATA screen in the pause menu as a new piece of concept art.

Transformer 1/10
Just before the end of the level, there is an optional branch to the first counted “transformer”. DO NOT complete this puzzle, we’re leaving them until the next playthrough.

Level 3

HDD 2/12
Hidden on the left of the level

Level 4

Hypnosis (Phantom 1/8)
Your first phantom. You can see how many you’ve collected on the DATA screen of the pause menu. After going upwards at the end of level 4, before turning left for level 5, you will find a TV to the right. Move as close to it as possible and wait for the phantom to appear on screen.

Level 5

Transformer 2/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

HDD 3/12
In plain sight.

Level 7

Transformers 3/10 and 4/10
Skip both of these until a later playthrough.

Level 9

HDD 4/12
At the start of the level.

Transformer 5/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

Level 10

On the other side (Phantom 2/8)
Stay behind the TV and wait.

Level 12

Transformer 6/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

HDD 5/12
In plain sight.

Level 13

HDD 6/12
In plain sight.

Level 15

Omen (Phantom 3/8)
Go all the way to the left of the train before opening the exit hatch, wait for the phantom to appear on TV.

Level 17

Transformer 7/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

Level 18

HDD 7/12
In plain sight.

As soon as you take control of the gun robot, turn back to the left and shoot the moving machine gun that was causing you so much trouble on the previous level.

Take it easy, man!
You can get this achievement for as long as you’re controlling the gun robot. As you change direction from left to right, or vice versa, the robot’s gun points out of the screen at you, the player. With careful aiming and timing, shoot at yourself as the gun swings round. If you do it right, bullet holes will appear in the screen and you’ll get the achievement.

Level 19

Observer (Phantom 4/8)
Stand behind the TV and wait for the phantom to appear.

First Playthrough (levels 21-48)
Level 21

Transformer 8/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

Level 22

Under the bridge there is a countdown timer. Simply wait for it to reach zero (this can take up to ten minutes), a train will cross the bridge and you’ll get the achievement.

Shoot or run over the man blocking your way to get the achievement.

Level 25

Sound Wave (Phantom 5/8)
Wait behind the TV for the phantom.

When you reach this door, which can only be opened by ramming it 3 times at the right moment, instead ram it at the wrong time, again and again (10-20 times) until you get the achievement.

Level 28

HDD 8/12
In plain sight.

Disease (Phantom 6/8)
Once you become the flying robot, fly to the left and hover behind the TV until the phantom appears.

Level 29

HDD 9/12
Above a door you need to break open.

Transformer 9/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

Help your fellow man
Instead of flying up to level 30, fly under the water, along to the right, then up. You’ll find a trapped robot. Use the switch to release the robot, and go back to the main level with it, and you’ll get the achievement.

Level 33

Musical pause
At the bottom of the level, you’ll find this robot. Simply wait for him to start dancing.

Level 34

At the far right of the level, turn on the switch to water the lawn.

New life (Phantom 7/8)
Just before level 35, fly to the right through a pipe instead of flying left, then fly into the apartment and wait behind the TV.

Level 40

Transformer 10/10
Skip this until a later playthrough.

HDD 10/12
Hidden in an optional junction.

Level 44

BOSS is always watching (Phantom 8/8)
When pushing a box, keep pushing and DO NOT open the hatch in the floor. You will find another TV to wait behind.

Assuming you’ve collected all the phantoms so far, you will now get the Enlightened achievement.

Level 46

HDD 11/12
Travel to the right once you become the robot.

Now comes the crucial part – DO NOT GET CAUGHT by searchlights in the next three levels. The specific searchlights that matter are the ones that continually sweep left and right, make a regular beeping sound, and turn red if they catch you.

The first searchlight you see isn’t important, but run past it without stopping or you’ll be shot dead.

At the second searchlight, hide in the shadows. Once in the middle, you need to start running BEFORE the searchlight has completely passed the middle column, otherwise it will come back and catch you before you get to the left side.

If you get caught, immediately reload the level.

Level 47

Again, do not get caught by the searchlight … immediately reload the level if you are. In this level, the searchlight is a little more lenient, but always look at the floor to see where the shadow ends, don’t accidentally stand on a part of the floor that will light up when the searchlight arrives.

Level 48

Here, the first searchlight will notice you, but run past it and try not to get killed (it seems to be based on luck). While on the cable car, crouch to avoid being caught by the second searchlight.

Nowhere to run (Ending 1/4)
Congratulations! You finished the game!

Remaining Endings and Achievements
Second Ending

Load level 48 from the menu and complete it again, this time stand upright in the cable car and get caught by the searchlights.

The only way is down (Ending 2/4)
Congratulations! You’ve finished the game twice now.


To get the next ending, we now need to complete the special transformers. We can use the level select to go straight to their levels.

Level 1 or 2 – Transformer 1/10
It’s quicker to load level 2 and go to the right, back into level 1. The transformer is on a separate wire that goes down from the telegraph pole. Once you’ve finished the puzzle, you’ll find it counts as 1/10 on the DATA page of the pause menu, and you can immediately select another level.

Level 5 – Transformer 2/10

Level 7 – Transformers 3/10 and 4/10

Level 9 – Transformer 5/10

Level 12 – Transformer 6/10
Use the controls to drop the crate on the transformer.

Level 17 – Transformer 7/10
You get an achievement for solving this on your first try.

Level 21 – Transformer 8/10
Shoot it.

Level 29 or 30 – Transformer 9/10
It’s quicker to load level 30 and fly to the left back into level 29

Level 40 – Transformer 10/10

Third Ending

Use level select to go to level 42, and REMOVE module B_038. Keep playing.

You will find the game changes around the end of level 45, and now level 46 is the hiding-from-robot level instead of level 47 as before.

At the end of level 46, drop down the hatch and turn to the right. Here is the final HDD. This should be the last HDD to collect, and you’ll get the Chronicles achievement.

Chaos (Ending 3/4)
Keep on playing and you’ll complete the third ending. Congratulations!

Fourth Ending

Use level select to go to back to level 42, and this time DO NOT REMOVE module B_038. If you find it unplugged, plug it back in. Keep on playing until you have walked past the level-change indicator. Now, load level 48 and complete it.

Conversation (Ending 4/4)
Congratulations, you have completed the fourth ending and seen everything this game has to offer.

Final Achievement

The final achievement to collect is done by dying 100 times. If you haven’t died 100 times yet, load level 46 and let the robot kill you over and over again until you get it.

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