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A new life is an indie game with amazing art, great story. Somewhat depressing but its also SO worth playing. Also incredibly chill soundtrack. There are totally 7 achievements and 5 endings in the game,  the previous 5 achievements is easy to get when you unlock the 5 endings. the last two achievements “Go on” and “Better off” seems unlockable.  here is a guide on how to get them at the end of this post.

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I must’ve done something wrong.


My greatest fear.


I can finally continue my story.

Missed chance

Something missing from my life.


A lost friendship.

Go on

And life goes on.

Better off

Friends come and go – better sooner than later.


How to get achievements “Go on” and “Better off”?

Delete data, then decline her request for her to sit with her is “Go on.”
For “Better off,” after you get “Go on,” proceed with getting close with her, but then reject her request for the kiss.

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