A Pinch of Magic: Achievement Guide

Information for 100%ing the game


Some “useful” information

Time to 100%: 3 mins.
It’ll be quicker and easier if you change some settings. It should look llike on a screenshot below
This way, you can just press Ctrl and skip everything ^.^


Distract with magic
Prepare the drink with magic
Make a save file here
Work with Kiana
Walk up to her
Lamb chop with rice

Load your save file
Work with Mikhail
Ask what he’s doing
Make a save file here
Creating the perfect drink
Ignore him
Hey, let’s get some rest
Sugarcoat it
What do you think
Was that your rich dad?
Get snarky
What are you thinking about?
That’d mean a lot to me

Load your save file
Making the customer feel welcome
Ignore him
Are you finished?
Be upfront
Is that for your blog?
Everything all right?
Accept the challenge
Don’t believe me
I don’t know if I can accept it

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