About Gretel: Building Guide

About Gretel is a survive game released by 2MEDYA, here is a building guide for About Gretel where you can build your own house and structures.


To build:

Take the Construction Blueprint and use. Then press the F key to open the building menu.

Construction Blueprint

Used to construt buildings.

Reciepe: 1x Small Animal Skin, 1x Stone, 1x Sticks

First Build Part: Wooden Foundation
It is the first part to be built. This unit should be placed on the ground in all buildings.

Wooden Wall

Placed on foundations and floors.

Wooden Window Frame

Placed on foundations and floors can have windows attached.

Wooden Doorframe

Placed on foundation and floors can have doors attached.

Wooden Floor

Used as a ceiling or floor in your house.

Wood L Stairs

L shaped stairs placed on foundations and floors.


Used to upgrade / demolish buildings.

Demolish Buildings:
Take the Hammer and use. Then press the Q key to open the upgrade / demolish building menu.

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