ABYSS OF THE SACRIFICE: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

Here is an english spoiler free Achievement guide version.


Story related Achievements



Good luck and godspeed.

The sky’s the limit.

Tomorrow is another day.

You’ve got a chance.

Hope all goes well with you.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

God bless you.


Keep your faith.


True Surface

Character endings related:



Final Trial


Fly Again

Last Dream?

All character routes

For Miki, Asuna and Olga, you need to start from Chapter 5 in this order – Contagion → Host ⇄ Guardian Angel → Awakening → Bad Omen

After that, you can always start with Bad Omen


Bad Omen → Fake → Wings → Revelation → Sacrifice → Feather


Bad Omen → Fake → Six → Feelings → Loop


Bad Omen → Lockout → Wings → Revelation → Sacrifice → Operation → Seal


Go back to Contagion and then Bad Omen → Wings → Sacrifice → Revelation → Eternity

After four routes, you can get the true ending from Jitka:

Contagion → Host ⇄ Guardian Angel → Awakening → Bad Omen → Wings → Six → Lockout → Fake → Accident → Zero → Surface

Additional Achievements

Cheap Tea

The tea brewed came out mediocre. Olga’s father would never be satisfied with this.

Obtainable in chapter “Tea”.
Follor the instruction given as per normal but use the normal black tea can instead of the special tea.

Loser’s Draw

Played Orange to a draw in Unit Battle. What Chloe desires, however, is a perfect victory.

Obtainable in chapter “Path”.
From left to right of the units:
4-6- Attack-1-5-3-3-2

A Password Too Simple

Entered “JITKA” into the cold sleep pod.

Obtainable in chapter “Zero”.
You’re required to see all other endings before you get the opportunity to enter the password into the cold sleep pot.

Item Limit

Held the maximum number of items. Even with Miki and Chloe working together, 12 items is the max.

Obtainable in chapter “Feather”.
You have to “combine” 3 pieces to gather a random (& incorrect) hologram form.
1. Red, Blue cross & Yellow
2. Red, Blue cross & White
3. Cyan star, grey triangles & Blue cross
4. Combine Red & Yellow in your inventory. Then attach it below to obtain Orange.
Mix Orange, white & green. ⟶ After obtaining the fragment, put orange back & detach the combined 2 colors.

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