Across the Obelisk: NG+ Walkthrough & Guide

introduce my NG+ walkthrough deck build. no legend cards, cheap & incredible powerful, just save the deck and forge will make u easy beat any NG+ map with score 12000+, crash all the challenge in 1-2 turns.



  • if u had play some DBG game like <Slay the Spire>, maybe u will find <Across the Obelisk> is quite annoying. the first 5 hours u can’t even beat the act 1 boss. or suprised by the act 2 mob’s strong skills.
  • take it easy, it’s not your fault. Frankly, this game is much more like a typic RPG game. u had to grind play to unlock more card & get more supplies to level up the town.
  • Grind is boring, but ATO have lots of interesting elements & events to unlock.

So i wrote this guide to introduce my NG+ walkthrough build. the core deck build is cheap, no legend card, just craft the deck from the first town. and u can easy beat NG+ with score 12000+, crash all the challenge in 1-2 turns.
it will make more easy to pass the game and try more builds to discover this game’s fun 😀

Character Introduce

There are 4 starting character from beginning, and can have many builds.

Magnus: Tank / Warrior
Andrin: Thief / Bard / Archer
Evelyn: Mage / Supporter
Reginald: Holy Cleric/ Healer

after the game goes on , u may unlock more characters. but they are not much more difference in the EA version except the starting deck and some traits.
so we just use the starter team.

Forget the debuff

ATO has a reward system. if you can beat the creep in 1-2 turns. u will get better reward.
To deal more damage in one turn. there are two common approach: buff yourself or debuff the enemies.
ATO is still in EA, now the only choice is


Debuff has so many cons:

  1. slow turns: if u beat the enemy asap, u will get more rewards.
  2. low dmg: most of the damage debuff require 3 stacks to add 1 dmg. quite slow.
  3. lack of team debuff skills: trust me, mobs more skilled at this, they have stronger team skills and corrupt buff.

the debuf build especially the mage, sucks.

the only 2 dmg carry your can use to beat NG+ is Andrin and Reginald. Andrin use sharp buff and Reginald stack the bless buff.
but Andrin is much more better than Reginald, because Reginald had to take some heal or dispel card. so we introduce Andrin’s build first.

Andrin’s Deckbuild

first we will introduce an important concept called freeCard.

FreeCard: 0 cost and can draw one card.

FreeCard has 2 important features:

1. it can change to another card in your deck without any loss
2. it takes one card slot

Now let’s see Andrin’ Deck:

  • in this deck, <Chant of Accuracy>*2 + <Setup>*2 can burned, so after 1 turn. you hand only remain 11 cards.
  • in the remaining 11 cards, we have 6 FreeCards: <Deflect>*4 + <Sprint>*2. so our deck is like below:

Adrenaline + Camouflage * 2 + Fan of knives*2 + 6 FreeCards

that means if you can start a turn with 5 cards, after N times FreeCard play, you always can get Adrenaline + Camouflage * 2 + Fan of knives*2 in your hand. as like u only have 5 cards in your deck.

Deck loop

This Deck have 2 loops:

Energy Loop: Adrenaline(upgraded) + N * FreeCards + Adrenaline.
it will exchange 1 card into 2 energy.
Damage Loop: (Camouflage + Fan of knives) + N * FreeCards + (Camouflage + Fan of knives)
it will stack your sharp buff and cost 1 card and 3 energy to deal mass AOE damage.

Damage Combo

  • Camouflage + Fan of knives is the best damage combo in the game.
  • Fan of knives have both pierce and slash damage and benefit more from gears.
  • Camouflage can stack sharp buff and grant stealth, it will boost your <Fan of knives> 60% dmg.
Energy & Cards

now can see, how much damage you can deal in one turn just depends on your hand’s Energy & Cards, in this game the two value both have limits: 10.
but energy is much more cheaper than card:
1. Andrin level 5 have talent: generate 1 energy from melee attack. so u can get cost 1 card and 2 energy to play one [Fan of knives]. great save.
2. the Energy Loop can transform 1 card into 2 energy.

the only way to draw more cards is the precious <Inspire> buff. we will introduce it after. and we will see the second useful feature of freeCards: it take one card slot. 5 hand draw + 10 inspire can’t make u draw 15 cards like <slay the spire>. so don’t put too much FreeCards into your deck. it will make the game laggy.

Further change

this deck is well considered and extremely powerful & precise, so if u use this deck.
please don’t give any cards to andrin.

  • the only card we need is <Setup>, exchange one <Deflect> to <Setup> will make this deck perfect. because andrin already have 5 non-FreeCards, we just need 5 FreeCards, but we have 6. more freecard is useless as said above.
  • u can upgrade <Fan of Knives>&<Deflect> Early to make sure weaponsmith will upgrade <Adrenaline>, 1800 diamonds is a big cost.
Gear Choose

as we said above, <Fan of knives> take precise and slash damage, so any ALL damage gear is acceptable in early game. but the best gear for andrin is [Apply with Hit] gear. just consider how much damage andrin can do with these gears. 😀

Team build

now we can introduce other teamate’s build. they all mainly focus for attributes show below:

Magnus: Block, Vunerable, Slow, Inspire
Andrin: DAMAGE
Evelyn: Energize, Inspire
Reginald: HOLY DAMAGE, Inspire

Magnus’s Deckbuild

Magnus core cards is <PiercingHowl> + <HelpingHand>

  • <PiercingHowl> is extremely important because it can stack the [Vunerable] debuff
  • [Vunerable] can reduce enemy resistant. in late game some creeps like Golems+Corruption buff can have 100 resist, it will make u deal 0 damage. make sure Magnus use PiercingHowl to give andrin better dmg.
  • <PiercingHowl> can slow enemys will make sure you can kill some creeps before they can act.
  • <HelpingHand> grants the precious [Inspire] buff. always give to Andrin.
  • other cards like <Barricade> or <Entrench> give team block. it make your team much more tanky.

Evelyn’s Deckbuild

Evelyn appear to be a mage, but so sad. now the only choice for her is become a supporter, contribute all her energy to others.

  • Evelyn core cards is <Mana Surge> + <Replnishement>
  • it will make Evelyn become an energy machine. provide huge energy to others.
  • other cards like <Scroll Of Intellent> + <Transmision> provide the precious [Inspire] attribute.
  • the only dmg card Evelyn’s should take is <Recurring Nightmare>, it can great cost energy.

Reginald’s Deckbuild

Reginald is the best healer in the game, it makes Reginald can’t go full dmg build.

  • Reginald’s core card is <Anthem of Hope>
  • after <Anthem of Hope> upgraded, it’s the only group inspire card.
  • <Benediction> + <Holy Smite> stack bless buff, <Inner Fire> get powerful buff.
  • <Dawn light> + <HolyStorm> make AOE dmg. <Radiant Assault> to make better boss dmg.
  • <Healing Rain> + <Prayer of Healing> grants group heal. group heal is ensential.

Other team consideration

Userful Attributes

Resist: this build also grants 3 type of resist: Reinforce<Barricade>, Insulate<Prismatic Field>, Courage<Anthem of Hope>
Dispel: My deck doesn’t take any dispel skils, but take one dispel card for Reginald is acceptable.
Empower: Empower is a good dmg boost attributes, u can get cheap team Empower from Evelyn’s <Prismatic Field>.

Action Sequence

Magnus & Andrin have more init speed than Evelyn & Reginald, generally your team will take this action sequence. it’s nice. we should keep it. don’t give any speed gear to andrin to make him act first.
1 Turn: Magnus > Andrin > Evelyn > Reginald
2 Turn: Andrin > Others

Roll the dice

some event require your roll the dice and get high score to pass. most of time we don’t roll the dice. fail will add some card to the deck is annoying.
but if u wanna to unlock some thing , just give Reginald and Evelyn some high cost cheap cards 😀


  • 1. Evelyn is so weak, mage give so much concepts and debuff make this game more complex and hard to learn, but finally it’s turn out mage’s skills are all jokes.
  • 2. Other build like Magnus’s Warrior or Sheild Slam build, Andrin’s Bard build should get boost. maybe can make different character have different traits to make it.
  • 3. Reward system should have more metrics. by turns will made some slow but interesting build useless.
  • 4. Team Cooperate should be more considered. for example, <Dragon’s Age II>, one character deal debuff and another character will make huge dmg boost.

Can’t afford diamonds?

if u don’t have many diamonds to forge the full team deck.
just forge Andrin’s deck first, he is the main damager and all his card is cheap & easy get.
then forge others core card as i point out in each build. it will great increase your team strength.
if u try to pass NG+, the best strategy is take no cards. don’t worry about your card unlock, using the diving ground 😀

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