ADACA: Hidden Weapons Guide

There are multiple secret/unique weapons hidden around Adaca!
This guide details the location and function of weapons that can be reliably found but not purchased from any Traders.


Bum Leg

After landing in the dropship, immediately travel East toward a group of trees just past a set of stairs (leading to an empty room where enemies occasionally spawn). Hidden in the trees, there is a mannequin with a Bum Leg.
This is a sawed-off lever-action rifle that functions as a Sidearm. ALT: Bayonet can be used to Sprint-Jump-Melee dash allowing for some silly fast bunny-hopping for which it was named.
Its immediately accessible location and namesake is clearly a special treat for any speedrunners!


Go to The Dish and head Southeast to the paved road leading to the FreeScrapper Outpost. Inside the building labeled “West Adacadian Mining Co.” stack the crates to reach the first platform then climb the chain. Don’t forget to grab the bolts from the mannequin outside and another bolt from the Southwest corner of the intersection below for a total of 12.
Bolts fired from the Crossbow can be recollected and reused!

[Red] Rocket Rifle

In the same area, jump onto the pipes and carefully past the two towers toward the red and white storage tank. When close enough, jump up and quickly Pull (Q) a unique Rocket Rifle from the top of the building.
This is not your grandmother’s ol’ yellow rocket rifle! Despite sharing its name, this red version carries an impressive reserve of 69 additional rockets and has a much larger blast radius!
Do take precaution not to blow yourself up…


Not far from the previous two weapons, follow the road West until it ends at a sheer cliff. There is a single drop pod with a dead cop just in front of it. Apparently, he died upon arrival. Fortunately, he was outlived by a four-round-burst plasma gun! ALT: Plaz Torpedo uses ten rounds at once to launch a single explosive projectile.


Travel to Catacombs and follow the markings on the walls to the main tunnel. Head West toward the enclosed stairway closest to Junction 06. Downstairs, at the waterlevel, there is a gun leaned up against the backside of the staircase.
This is an automatic shotgun with a scope and suppressor.

Arc Repeater

In The Pines, travel to the Northeast beach across from the portal island. There is an abandoned drop pod with a laptop and Arc Repeater inside.
This is a fully automatic Arquebus that never overheats!

Flame Thrower

In the caves of The Pines, near the entrance to Blue Caverns, enter the bunker labeled OGR-018. Inside the locker room (the code is found on a nearby terminal) there is a Flame Thrower on the shelf.
This weapon needs no explanation and has a surprisingly large fuel tank!

Target Locator

At Bravo 02, between the two landed aircraft, there is a building next to the bunkhouses. Inside there is a Target Locator on the table.
This is a target designator for the police artillery vehicle across the camp. It summons a barrage of missiles to the selected location and seems to work in multiple zones provided the target is outdoors!

Savlo’s Wrath

In Priory, inside the apartment building used to access the broken bridge (as if going to South Ridge), there is a boarded up doorway on ground level that hides a protruding growth filled with a variety of bladed weapons that failed to cut it down. Among these is a second Bum Leg, a couple Shard Rifles, and a unique variant called Savlo’s Wrath.
This is a fully automatic Shard Rifle!

Thanks to Shiva for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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