Adorable Crush: How to Get Laid (Tips & Tricks)

Tips and tricks on how to get laid in Adorable Crush



This guide shows you some tips and tricks on how to get laid in Adorable Crush.

First of all: Don’t stress yourself!
Even if you’re interested in achievements, remember, there is not a single achievement that requires you to do something within a certain period of time.

The game starts pretty easy and gets more challenging as it progresses.

The ingame tutorial already does a great job showing new players the ropes, but there’s more you can do for a more efficient and easy start.

Right at the beginning of the game, you get a bit of dialogue. Your answers here are just for fun and make no real difference.
When Masami asks you where you want to start, the only change is that your first actual date is going to be with another girl.

Simply choose anything and let’s get the party started!

Talking to Girls

While some of those girls want to be scary, talking to them isn’t.

When you talk to the girls, remember that they need 2 energy for a date. Talking to them also uses their energy.

Talking also is an important source of Lovecens…

Lovecens is some kind of ingame currency you can use to upgrade your attributes.
You obtain lovecens by talking to girls and by giving gifts to them.
By talking you will be able to gather more and more information about the girls.
They will also ask you some questions about your attitude and sometimes they test if you are remembering information about them (like ‘when is my birthday’ etc.)
Giving the correct answers lets you acquire even more lovecens.

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Like I have mentioned above: It’s no problem if you forget about their energy and only talk to them. Just relax, meet another girl and continue with her.

Watch out: Once you click the town button, the encounter has finished and you cannot go back to that girl for now. so make sure she’s tired and won’t talk to you anymore before you leave.

Eat & Drink


Give food to the girls. If you fill up their energy before a date, you can get up to 2 additional moves at the date.
Food they like is marked with a star whenever you go shopping while facing a girl.


Making them drunk makes the date easier. (Just as educational as we expect from a game like this.)
The more drunk the girls is before the date, the more joy tokens you have from the very start. At first you might think ‘isn’t that a waste of money?’, but actually this makes the date a lot easier once you have the right dating items.
You can read more about dating items further below.

If a girl refuses to take your drink, maybe you just need to get to know her better.
I have done more than one playthrough and it happened to me that Niko took a drink even before the first date while Masami once said no even after the 3th date.

Another example:
Although Hina accepted booze again and again, she refused to drink when I met her at night in the Church, although I already had 5 hearts with her.


Remember to focus on those tokens the girls prefer and try to avoid the least wanted tokens since those give you the least affection and therefore are mostly a waste of your move.
During a date, you can always hit the Profile button on the left side of the screen to see which traits the girls like and dislike.

When dating a girl for the first time, their most/least desired traits are hidden, but it is unlocked as soon as you have matched the according colors. The profile button also shows an exclamation mark once you can go there for new information.

The first few dates are rather easy but it becomes more challenging soon. I highly recommend saving your money for dating items.

Dating Items

The Shopping Mall not only gives you access to gifts, food and drinks but also to dating gifts.

You might have noticed the 6 empty fields on the bottom of the screen, just next to the girls stat overview.
By clicking on inventory and choosing the “dating gift” button, you can have a look at the dating gifts you already own and drag those you want to use to the fields on the bottom.

There are dating gifts which may sound interesting at first, like “increase amount of a specific token color by 50%”, but I recommend not using those, because joy tokens are rare at the beginning of the date – and are going to stay rare unless you either have luck or a good tactic.

Those are the dating gifts I recommend you to look for:

Cat Face Coin
drains your joy and gives +1% of total affection goal for each 1 joy drained
Decorative Door Bell
converts all broken heart tokens into joy tokens
Dolls Rabbit
remove all broken heart tokens from the grid
Heart Coin
drops passion level to zero and gives +2% of total affection goal for each passion stage lost
consume all time tokens on the grid, earning +1 move for every token consumed after the first 2
Music Box
select a token type and you will not lose any moves until a match is made that is of a different token type than the one you selected
Pig Doll With Wings
convert all broken heart tokens into passion tokens
Pink Magic Fruit
consume all passion tokens on the grid
Sakura Shaped Hairpin
+1 joy for every passion token match made for the remainder of the date

I have created 2 builds: Joy build & Mixed build

It should be easier to start with the Joy Build because the Mixed Build will work better the higher your passion skill is.

Joy Build
The items are written in the order you should use them.

Sakura Shaped Hairpin
for additional joy whenever you match passion tokens (use this as soon as possible)
Decorative Door Bell
once you have 9 joy and enough broken heart tokens on the grid, use this and music box right afterwards
Music Box
after you have a lot of joy tokens on the screen now thanks to the Decorative Door Bell, use Music Box and choose the joy token type. Now you can match your joy tokens without losing moves
Hour Glass
if you have avoided matching time tokens, you should have enough on the grid now. The Hourglass should provide you with some additional moves now. If you believe, however, investing 6 joy points here would help you win, you can skip this one and proceed wit the Cat Face Coin
Cat Face Coin
simple maths: every joy point is 1% of total affection goal for this date – if that’s what you need to win, just use it
Dolls Rabbit
a panic button: acutally this one should not be necessary, but since the joy build only needs 5 items, this one can be used as panic button if you still have too much broken heart tokens on the grid after using the decorative door bell

Important for this build:

  • Avoid matching passion tokens before using Sakura Shaped Hairpin
  • Avoid matching time tokens before using Hourglass

An example:
This is how the date starts.

I try to accumulate 3 joy as soon as possible to I can use the Sakura Shaped Hairpin. Before that I also want to avoid matching passion tokens because they will give me +1 joy for each match after I have used my first item.

Once I have used it, I can continue playing. Passion tokens now not only give me passion but also 1 joy for each match.
Now I have to collect at least 9 joy points so I can use Decorative Door Bell and Music Box right afterwards.

Thanks to the Decorative Door Bell I now have a nice amount of joy tokens on the screen.

The Music Box lets me match those joy tokens without wasting any move.

All you have to do from now on:

  • Don’t match time tokens (except there is no other possibility)
  • Accumulate at least 6 more joy (you should get more anyway)
  • Once you have plenty of time tokens on your screen, use the hour glass
  • All you want to do now is continue playing and gather as much joy as possible. Before you do the last move, use Cat Face Coin.

You can always estimate how much affection Cat Face Coin will give to you because it is always +1% of the date’s total affection goal per joy point.

Mixed Build

The items are written in the order you should use them.
Remember your max passion level!!!

Sakura Shaped Hairpin
for additional joy whenever you match passion tokens (use this as soon as possible)
Pig Doll With Wings
get rid of broken hearts and gain lots of passion tokens
Pink Magic Fruit
consume those passion tokens and also get joy because of the Sakura Shaped Hairpin
Heart Coin
once you have reached your max passion level (or once you are close to the end of the date, if that happens sooner), exchange your passion levell for affection
Music Box
once you have used all passion tokens, your screen might be full of others – if you have a majority of one color, use the music box to clear up (and get more affection) without losing any moves
Cat Face Coin
best to use 1 move before the end – use the rest of your joy to gain affection

With the mixed build you will trade your current passion level for affection. This means you want your maximum passion level to be as high as possible. Therefore this build works better the higher your passion skill is.
I wouldn’t use this build before you have a max passion level of 12.
Once you have reached this, just try which build you enjoy more.

Significant difference to my Joy Build: You can match time tokens whenever possible. No need to save them.

  • The start is the same: Sakura Shaped hairpin, so passion tokens also give you joy
  • Now gather as much joy tokens as you can and try to ignore passion tokens
  • Next goal: reach 11 joy – if necessary, match passion tokens, but if possible, avoid it
  • Once you have 11 joy, wait until there are too much broken heart tokens to handle – but keep an eye on your remaining moves and don’t forget to match time tokens when using this build

This time I gave her some drinks and fully filled her drinking bar before starting the date, so I have a headstart of 6 joy points. Now I can use the Sakura Shaped Hairpin immediately.

As you see, I have played a bit and I also had to match some passion tokens.
Pig Doll With Wings & Pink Magic Fruit together require 11 joy points. As shown on the picture, I was able to accumulate 16 joy points. 3 moves before the end, I used Pig Doll With Wings to change all broken heart tokens to passion tokens.

This has lead us to the wonderful situation of tons of passion tokens. The Pink Magic Fruit helps us collecting them all at once.

After that I have reached a passion level of 16, which was my current maximum level, I used the Heart Coin to exchange my passion level to affection points.

Well… that’s it.

If the affection I have gained wouldn’t have been enough, I would still have had 2 options:
Use the Music Box or the Cat Face Coin

If the Cat Face Coin will give me enough affection to win, I’d straight use it.
If not, I’d try the Music Box and choose the token color that’s present the most, so I can make some more matches without losing a move.
After doing so, I can still use the Cat Face Coin.
Here, the Music Box would be used to choose the token with the most presence.

Now what’s about actually getting laid?
After all those talking, gifting and dating… what’s about actually getting laid???

Requirements for getting laid:

  • at least 4 hearts
  • night date (it has to be night when you ask the girl for a date)

Once you successfully finish a night date with a girl with whom you have at least 4 hearts, you take her to your bedroom…

It looks like a normal date, but is far easier:

  • match any 3 tokens you can see as fast as possible
  • no move limit
  • once the affection bar is full, you got it

If the bar becomes empty because you are too slow: it doesn’t matter
Just continue until the bar is full

That’s it.
You just got virtually laid…

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