Advent Calendar: Achievements Guide

This guide lists some common issues and solutions, as well as all achievements in the game. It is a work in progress.


Basic Issues & Solutions

The devs for this game have been very quick to make corrections. So if you are having an issue that no one else has mentioned, take it to the discussions board and hopefully it will be sorted quickly.

Here I’m listing some basic issues which people have come across so far in this game.
Please let me know if there are any issues that I have overlooked.

“Play the first minigame on December 1st”
This achievement didn’t work when the game was released. If you installed it before the patch was released, you may need to delete your save files and start a new game entirely.

The achievement is based on your computer time.

If you played this on December 1st, but it didn’t unlock for some reason, the devs have given the following solution:

Originally posted by Support:

If you want to unlock the achievement after the 1st of December (please note: your progress will be erased)
– delete the save files from %STEAM_INSTLL_FOLDER%\steamapps\common\Advent_Calendar\Save (note that this will delete all your your progress and money gained)
– Change your local date & time settings (in Windows 10, go to Start > Settings > Time & language > Date & time. And set date manually)
– start the game
– when prompted, select “Full advent experience”
– the achievement unlocks as you open Day 1

You can then keep changing your computer’s date, one day at a time, until you have returned to the correct date.

“Solve a sudoku puzzle in under 2,5 minute”

This achievement was initially bugged, but they rolled out a patch on 3rd Dec 2022.
If you are still not getting this achievement, check that your game is up to date with all the latest patches.
If you are certain that your game is up to date, and that you have met the requirements for the achievement, but it is still not unlocking, you’ll have to go to the discussion boards.

“Complete a pixel art picture” and “Finish a pixel art picture in multiplayer”

Unfortunately you cannot get both of these achievements at the same time.
If the first time you complete the pixel art picture is in multiplayer mode, you will only unlock the multiplayer achievement.

To be honest, I hated the pixel art game and it took me over 2hrs. I am not willing to try it again in multiplayer to see if the “Complete a pixel art picture” achievement is strictly single player or not.

I’m just hoping that another day has an easier/smaller pixel art puzzle for me to get the singleplayer achievement.

Any time

Watch the fireplace for over 10 minutes

Click the arrow on the fireplace and idle on that screen for at least 10mins. (You do not need to be on the zoomed in version)

Listen to holiday music for over 5 minutes

Click the arrow on the gramophone/music player, and idle on that screen for at least 5mins.

Day 1

Play the first minigame on December 1st

This was glitched, but they released a patch for it almost immediately.

It seems that if you missed it, you’ll have to delete your saves and restart the game on the correct date. The game goes off of your computer’s time and date, so you can correct for this problem easily.

Finish one day of Match 3 levels without failing once

Play all levels of a day’s match 3 levels without failing.
Day 1 has 3 levels to play.

You fail the game if you use up all your moves (tracked in upper left corner) before you achieve all of your goals (tracked at the top of the screen).

*I haven’t tested whether you can replay them to unlock this achievement. If you do fail, and cannot get the achievement to unlock via replaying them, please let me know so that I can update this guide.*

Day 2

Complete a jigsaw puzzle in under 1 minute

This will have to be done in a 30 pieces puzzle, as any larger ones take too long. It took me three attempts to get this. I recommend practising the same puzzle over and over. As you become more familiar with it you’ll be able to solve it faster.

Complete a jigsaw puzzle of 600 pieces

Open a jigsaw puzzle and drag the “Amount of Pieces” slider all the way to the right until it says “600”. Then press play, and complete the puzzle.
You can zoom in a small amount, but you cannot move the screen around at all. You can use the drawer at the bottom of the screen to help you.

Solve a jigsaw puzzle in multiplayer

Open a jigsaw puzzle, select the multiplayer slider and then press the green play button.
This achievement will unlock once you have completed the puzzle.

Please note that it doesn’t matter whether the “second player” actually does anything, so feel free to ignore the second cursor if you are playing alone.

The controls for multiplayer are the mouse, & the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Day 3

Open 3 days on the calendar in a row

Open one day each day, for 3 days. You do not need to play the games, just open the day.

Solve a sudoku puzzle in under 2,5 minute

On the right side of the screen you will see a list of numbers from 0-9.

Clicking one of these numbers will place that number into the currently-selected square on the Sudoku board.

If the number selected conflicts with another number, the number will not be put in there.

Tip for getting this achievement:

Day 4

Complete a pixel art picture

You must complete a pixel art picture by yourself – not in multiplayer.
Select the “Play” option on the righthand side of the screen.
Details for how to play are at the bottom of this section.

(Haven’t verified whether this is strictly a singleplayer achievement, or whether doing another multiplayer pixel art after getting the multiplayer achievement will then unlock this one or not)

Finish a pixel art picture in multiplayer

Select the “Multiplayer” option on the righthand side of the screen.
Details for how to play are at the bottom of this section.

*Note: If the first time you play is in multiplayer, it will only unlock this achievement, and will not unlock the achievement “Complete a pixel art picture”.

How to play Pixel Art.

When you open day 4, there will be two options on the righthand side of the screen. “Play” for singleplayer mode, and “Multiplayer” for multiplayer mode.
Select a mode, and cry complete the pixel art.

After pressing play you will need to zoom in by scrolling your mouse wheel. I don’t know how to zoom if your mouse doesn’t have a scroll/wheel.

Each square has a number which corresponds to one of the 26 colours on the right side of the screen (each colour is numbered, so don’t worry if you’re colourblind).

Select any colour/number from the right side of the screen to begin putting that colour into the picture.

If you use the correct colour, the square will be filled in and it’s number will disappear. Additionally this is locked in, so you cannot accidentally re-colour a square into the wrong colour.

It is easy but tedious, and multiplayer mode makes it harder to move around the screen.


The rest are the achievements that I haven’t yet unlocked, due to playing the game one day at a time.

Day 10 and Day 25 are predictable, but as yet I do not know which days you will have access to the final two achievements:

– Achieve 2048 points in a single player game of 2048
– Achieve more than 1000 points in a line puzzle

This guide will be updated as the days go on.

Day 10

Open 10 days on the calendar in a row

Open one day each day, for 10 days. You do not need to play the games, just open the day.

Day 25

Play the final minigame on December 25th

Thanks to CountBubbleRat for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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