AI War 2: A List of Commonly Used Terminology

A short list of commonly used terminology within the game and community.




MDC: Major Data Center

CPA: Cross Planet Attack

ZPG: Zenith Power Generator

ZMC: Zenith Matter Converter

ARS: Advanced Research Station

TSS: Turret Schematic Server

ODSS: Other Defense Schematic Server

ZT: Zenith Trader

AIP: AI Progress

ST: Super Terminal

SA: Spire Archive

DSVG/VG: Dark Spire Vengeance Generator/Vengeance Generator

DAS: Dark Spire

DS: Dyson Sphere

AICS: AI Command Stations

DGP: Dire Guard Posts

HW: Homeworld

HRF: Human Resistance Fighters

LS (Logi): Logistics Station

MS (Mil): Military Station

ES (Econ): Economic Stations

GP: Guard Posts

Tur: Turrets

HaP: Hacking Points

Frigs: Frigates (Hull Designated in game as FFL (Frigates, Light) and FFH (Frigates, Heavy)

FS: Fleet Strength

Mono: Using only a single technology and ships/turrets of a single technology or type

Fleetball: using all your ship lines in one flagship.

Doomstack: Amassing tons of strength on one planet. Usually doesn’t refer to the player.

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