Airplane Mode: All Achievement Lists (How to Cheat)

This is just a very basic list of the achievements.


Achievements for completing flights
Short Haul
Fly to HalifaxLong Haul
Fly to Reykjavik

Take a round trip, complete a flight and immediately take a return flight

Frequent Flyer
Complete 5 flights in a week (in less than 7 real days)

Points from flights:

I believe you are supposed to earn points from flights, but I honestly have no idea how many. For me these were glitched. I don’t believe I earned any points from the short flight to Halifax and then on my very first long flight to Reykjavik I was awarded all three achievements for a total of 15000 points simultaneously.

Silver Pioneer
Earn 5000 Pioneer points

Gold Pioneer
Earn 10000 Pioneer points

Platinum Pioneer
Earn 15000

Achievements for actions during flight
Desecrate a book
Note: just scribble in the red bookBookworm
Finish a book

Change the language settings of the phone

Common Courtesy
Complete a flight without reclining your seat

Do Not Disturb
Miss the meal service because you were asleep
Note: Knock yourself out with the sleeping pills before food is served

Federal Law Violation
Tamper with the smoke alarm

Five O’Clock Somewhere
Consume an alcoholic beverage

Flying Solo
Win 6 games of Solitaire
Note: Win, not just play

Metadata Mining
Take 6 photos geotagged in different locations

Favorite 10 or more songs

Spend over an hour in the lavatory in a single flight
Note: You might need to spend 2 before it triggers

Observing Etiquette
Keep your bag under the seat in front of you for take-off and landing

Recommended Daily Value
Consume under 1000 calories on a flight to Reykjavik
Note: You can do this and Do Not Disturb, just sleep through the meal and don’t eat.

Stay awake for an entire night flight to Reykjavik

Safety Compliance
Keep your seatbelt buckled for the entire flight

Safe To Use
Be on your phone for more than half a flight

Chat with a stranger
Note: This was extremely glitched when I was playing. Clicking on other passengers didn’t actually start conversations, or they would start to animate and then glitch in place then do nothing. For me the achievement popped randomly while clicking on passengers despite no actual conversation options.

Staying Connected
Connect to the onboard WiFi

Simulation Sickness
Use the sick bag

Technically Illegal
Use the lavatory when the seatbelt sign is on

Tingling Sensation
Listen to 45 mins of ASMR

Achievements for not playing

To earn these legit: both of these require you launch the game, play through an entire flight to completion and then shut the game off and don’t touch it again for 6 months or 1 year. Then start the game again and complete another entire flight.

If you launch the game without waiting the 6 to 12 months, you will need to start over, complete a flight, shut the game off and wait another year.

Complete a flight after a 6 month break from flying

No Fly List
Complete a flight after a 1 year break from flying

How to cheat:

Launch the game, complete a flight, turn the game off. Switch Steam to offline mode. Disconnect your computer from the internet. Change the clock/calendar on your computer to more than 1 year ahead of the current date/time. Launch the game while offline and it will believe it’s been one year. Complete another entire flight. Connect your computer to the internet. Fix your clock/calendar, reconnect Steam to the internet and close the game.

This game is very buggy.

I spent over 30 hours during a weekend trying to complete all of these and many did not activate on the first attempt. I noted the worst ones above (the points for flights, chatting with passengers, etc), but sometimes the game just doesn’t work or do what you would expect. I had one flight where the pen didn’t work and had to fly again before I could scribble on the book to get Animal and the first time I tried to spend an hour in the bathroom that didn’t work either, I did it again and spent 2 hours in there before it popped.

If something doesn’t work as described it may simply be broken or changed from one version to the next. The developers have been patching the game frequently and in my short experience with the game it’s just fixing some bugs while making others.

If something doesn’t work for you I probably can’t help you. I honestly didn’t enjoy most of my time with the game and forcing my way through the achievements just made it worse as it highlighted even more of the games bugs and glitches. Which is also why I don’t care at all that I cheated the 6 month and 12 month wait timer achievements. I don’t think “not playing the game for a year” proves anything as once I uninstall it I won’t be playing it for many more years to come; so, I’ll have legit earned the achievement many times over in my lifetime.

Anyway, I suggest you get some real books or watch TV as the majority of getting these achievements is a lot of just waiting and doing nothing; and you can’t alt-tab out and do other things or the game pauses and doesn’t count time unless it’s the focus and active.

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