#AkiRobots: Level Sharing Guide

#AkiRobots features a unique level sharing system, using custom blocks of text, called “level codes”, which can be copied, shared and pasted into the game. We’ve provided a guide that explains each of the elements in the level codes and what parts are important for the codes to work in the game.


Level Sharing Guide
When you go to the Share window in the level editor, you will get a generated level code. Levels codes contain various elements that are required for the codes to work. Here is an explanation of the various elements:

From the Share window, you can copy the level code, which will store it in your clipboard. You can then share your levels via text messages to friends, so no matter what device they play #AkiRobots on, they will be able to play your level:

If you have a valid level code, you will then be able to use the big Paste button in the main menu to play the level:

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