Alchemist Simulator: All Achievement Lists

The achievements in this game are fairly easy. There are only one or two that are a bit vague but most of them have enough information in the description provided at release. You never know what sort of detail you might be missing so feel free to refer to the list below:

Beginner’s Luck
Make your first potion

Fairly easy. Follow the tutorial and make a Healing Potion. Any potion should work but I’ll assume you just started the game.

And so it begins…
Complete your first contract

Turn the potion in. Nothing fancy here.

I am so tireeeeeed…
Fall asleep from exhaustion

The ingame day starts at 9 AM and ends at 12 PM. You get an alert that says “It is getting dark” at 10:30 PM. Simply wait for 12 and “faint” to get this achievement.

A little renovation
Make a first workstation upgrade

Simply upgrade one of the tools or shelves you have by one level. You can do it in the first ingame week if you manage your gold and resources properly.

Got my mind on my money…
Earn 10,000 gold

Play until you save 10000 gold. Some of the midgame contracts will give you a good chunk of gold. You only need to be careful at the start.

Creme de la creme
Reach the maximum fame level

Get maximum Fame level. Fame experience is irrelevant if you can do all contracts available in any given day because you will level pretty quickly and without problems.

So the world is round…
Complete the main questline

Follow the contracts with the exclamation mark. Simply go through them all to get this one. Remember, you can do all contracts available in one day if you manage your gold and materials!

Pimp My Lab
Upgrade all of your equipment.

Pretty simple but prioritize your mortar when upgrading. The ability to add more than one level to an aspect is very handy towards early midgame and endgame.

A walking encyclopedia
Learn all recipes

Certain contracts add recipes to our trusty Almanac. Keep an eye out for the contracts that give you recipes. There are a total of 30 recipes in the game at the moment.

I didn’t know it can do that
Discover a potion without any hints

This one is a bit secretive. What you need to do is to craft a potion BEFORE the Almanac has the recipe for it. I used Cure Disease (Cure + Cure, just cut Heat from 2 coals and cook it). You can just pick another save data if you want to get it without affecting your current playthrough.

End of the road
Complete all quests

Complete all contracts/questlines. You complete all of them at about day 25 or so if you are managing well.

Not an alchemist, but a trader
Sell each type of potion

To get this one, you are meant to sell (LMB on the rat NPC) one of each 30 potions. I couldn’t remember which ones I sold so I simply made all 30 recipes over like 4 days to get this one.

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