Alchemist Simulator: All Potion Recipes

Sometimes you just want to Shift + TAB and check the overlay instead of walking to that dusty ol’ Almanac and wasting an ingame hour walking. This section will let you do exactly that by having all 30 available potion recipes right under your fingers. I had to walk to the damn Almanac and the damn chart 100+ times while playing so now you don’t have to do that.

The recipes are ordered in the order I have in the Almanac. I don’t know if the ordering changes if you skip contracts but the list I have seems to have it from Easy to Complex.

I’ll include an image of the aspect chart to help, that thing isn’t mobile either. Just don’t zoom in. This is the best I could capture.

I’ll also include levels in the recipes. The levels for positive aspects count from left to right while negative ones count right to left. (1>2>3>4 Positive = Negative 4<3<2<1) I’ll refer to the levels as L1-L2-L3 and L4, followed by the aspect family (Life-Death / Heat-Cold / Order-Chaos / Purity-Corruption).


Heal (L2 Life) + Light (L2 Purity)

Heat Resistance

Cure (L1 Life) + Cold (L1 Cold) + Cold (L1 Cold)

Cold Resistance

Cure (L1 Life) + Heat (L1 Heat) + Heat (L1 Heat)

No Sleep

Motion (L2 Chaos) + Clarity (L1 Purity)

Cure Disease

Cure (L1 Life) + Cure (L1 Life)


Wind (L1 Chaos) + Motion (L2 Chaos)


Gravity (L2 Order) + Motion (L2 Chaos)


Darkness (L2 Corruption) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption)


Motion (L2 Chaos) + Motion (L2 Chaos) + Clarity (L1 Purity)


Light (L2 Purity) + Light (L2 Purity)


Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Wind (L1 Chaos) + Wind (L1 Chaos)

Cat’s Eye

Clairty (L1 Purity) + Light (L2 Purity) + Light (L2 Purity)

Slow Fall

Gravity (L2 Order) + Motion (L2 Chaos) + Wind (L1 Chaos)


Growth (L3 Life) + Light (L2 Purity)


Disease (L3 Death) + Poison (L1 Death) + Darkness (L2 Corruption)


Ice (L2 Cold) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption) + Darkness (L2 Corruption)


Bane (L3 Death) + Heat (L1 Heat) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption)


Order (L3 Order) + Clarity (L1 Purity) + Clarity (L1 Purity)


Clarity (L1 Purity) + Clarity (L1 Purity) + Purity (L3 Purity) + Ground (L1 Order)

Cure Bane

Cure (L1 Life) + Order (L3 Order) + Purity (L3 Purity)


Cessation (L3 Cold) + Ground (L1 Order) + Gravity (L2 Order)


Order (L3 Order) + Order (L3 Order) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption)


Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Clarity (L1 Purity) + Purity (L3 Purity)


Cessation (L3 Cold) + Gravity (L2 Order) + Gravity (L2 Order)

Plant Growth

Growth (L3 Life) + Ground (L1 Order) + Order (L3 Order)

Command Creature

Bane (L3 Death) + Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Corruption (L3 Corruption)


Heal (L2 Life) + Growth (L3 Life) + Life (L4 Life)

Reverse Aging

Life (L4 Life) + Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Chaos (L3 Chaos)


Life (L4 Life) + Bane (L3 Death) + Chaos (L3 Chaos)


Death (L4 Death) + Bane (L3 Death) + Chaos (L3 Chaos)

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