Alchemy Garden: All Potion Recipes (Sep 2021)

A list of all potions in order of the recipe book that doesn’t unlock a potion until you brew it.

Note: All potions are in the list of the recipe tab in the journal


Healing potion
Red > Red > Red

Potion of vision
Green > Red > Red

Blue > Red > Red

Mana Potion
Red > Green > Red

Poison (who tf buys this)
Green > Green > Red

Poopy Dupy
Blue > Green > Red

Defense Potion
Red > Blue > Red

Liquid Ice
Green > Blue > Red

Potion Of Sleep
Blue > Blue > Red

Elixir of Wisdom
Red > Red > Green

Potion of Love
Green > Red > Green

Golden Needle
Blue > Red > Green

Potion of Swiftness
Red > Green > Green

Relaxing Potion
Blue > Green > Green

Potion of Strength
Red > Blue > Green

Petrification Potion
Green > Blue > Green

Smooth Secrets
Blue > Blue > Green

Swamp Lady
Red > Red > Blue

Ocean Kiss
Green > Red > Blue

Forest Breath
Blue > Red > Blue

Rainy Morning
Red > Green > Blue

Fairy Wind
Green > Green > Blue

Bone Glue
Blue > Green > Blue

Flash Rate
Red > Blue > Blue

Sloth Vibes
Green > Blue > Blue

Breathe of the Seas
Blue > Blue > Blue

Candy Way
Green > Green > Green

Thanks to Cake for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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