Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide created on how to get all achievements in Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo.

Beware! There are spoilers inside waiting for you!


Story-related achievements

Listen to Faye’s song all the way through.
Complete Ed’s first therapy session.
Find Samuel Franklin.
Complete Ed’s second therapy session.
Comfort Robert.
Find evidence against Ed Miller.
Complete Ed’s third therapy session.
Complete Ed’s fourth therapy session.
Dive into Julia and Nick’s past.
Complete Ed’s fifth therapy session.
Fix a car.
Confirm the existence of Ed’s daughter.
Throw Ed’s car down the cliff.

Kill Lisa Horowitz.
Make sure Ed doesn’t get thirsty.

Get rid of your father’s influence.

Take a seat.

Convince Adam to release you.

Overcome Vertigo by saving Esther Franklin and Jenny.


Get Ed to shake Julia’s hand.

Day one, the very beginning of the game: when Julia meets Ed for the first time, don’t put Julia’s hand away until Ed shakes it (choose “Keep offering hand”).


Fill Petronius’ bowl.

Day one, Ed’s memories about Faye: when you go to the kitchen to feed Petronius, fill the bowl before opening the door (choose “Fill bowl”).


Do not let Faye get cold.

Day one, Ed’s memories about Faye: after Faye get asleep on a couch and gets a chill, take the blanket from the other couch to your left and cover her with it (choose “Make Petronius move”).


Access one of Julia’s childhood memories.

Day one, a lunch break after finishing the first therapy session with Ed: go towards the lake, get to the edge of the pier, and over the lake, there will be an interaction point that leads to one of Julia’s childhood memories.


Feed Frankie Laine just like he deserves.

Day one, Nick’s visit to the Franklins’ ranch: get inside the barn, to the left you will see a stable with a starving horse. Get three carrots from the basket that is right against the stable before turning the faucet to water the horse.


Find all of Captain Roberts’ spies.

Day one, Ed’s childhood memories: you need to find all of the figurines before talking to Ed’s father. Here are the locations:
• blue figurine — after getting out of the treehouse, look to your left to find the crossroads with two paths — the right one going to the top of the hill and the left one going towards the lake. Take the left one and walk to the edge of the pier;
• red figurine — go back to the crossroads and take the right path to the top of the hill. On the right hand, you will find a figurine standing on a stone;
• green figurine — get inside the house, go upstairs, step into Ed’s room and look at the table next to the bed to find the last figurine.


Help Eddie Miller become the season’s hero.

Day one, Ed’s childhood memories: after getting out of the treehouse walk to the backside of the garage, pick up the ball, and successfully complete the QTE event. If you fail, you can retry it without loading the last save.


Complete the Pirate Brotherhood’s secret handshake.

Day one, Ed’s childhood memories: during the first dialog with Ed’s father don’t fail anything in the QTE event. I suggest you leave the house after doing all other quests and get back again to get the gave saved, so you can painlessly reload the last save if you fail.


Get mom’s congratulations for storing the groceries quickly.

Day one, Ed’s childhood memories: when Ed’s mother asks him to store the groceries, do it purposeful and fast without getting distracted by anything else:
• letucce — get it (pretty obviously) to the fridge;
• bread — put it on the small table near the window behind Ed’s mother’s back;
• paper towels — put them on the table that’s right against the doorway inside the pantry;
• soup can — put it on the cupboard right beside the door inside the pantry.


Dine at Mamma Louise. Поужинать у ‘Мамы Луизы’.

Police station, after finding Faye’s backpack: after Julia and Nick find and inspect Faye’s backpack, John will tell Julia that he is hungry. The only thing left to do is make Julia ask if Nick wants to have dinner.


Say goodbye to a childhood friend.

The chapter about Veronica and Robert: as soon as you get to your room, look left to find a toy flamingo. Simply interact with it.


Get Julia and Nick together.

The very end of the game: after Julia and Nick kiss, tell Nick that you decided to break up with Lou. However, I’m still not sure what choices during the game lead to this achievement. I have chosen these:
• make Julia and Nick trust each other in the Tree chapter (the evening of day two);
• go to the restaurant (after finding and inspecting Faye’s backpack);
• make Julia and Nick help each other in the talk with Robert in the morgue.
NB! I’m still trying to test different dialog choices. I’ll let you know if I find anything else.

Thanks to Throat full of glass for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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