Aliens Fireteam Elite: 100% Achievement Guide

A simple guide to get you through all of the game’s achievements. This includes video links as well as tips and tricks to help you reach your 100% completion goal by just following the guide along.


The purpose of this guide is to help you achieve 100% completion in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

Key Points:

  • Number of missable achievements: 0
  • 100% completion time: Around 50h if not more.
  • Difficulty required for 100%: Insane

General Tips:
I’d start off my doing your first play-through on Standard. Focus on getting all Intel for the achievement “CMISRS Asset” so you don’t need to waste time on harder difficulties. Be on the look out for hidden caches as you need to collect a number of them. Try and play with Challenge Cards as they can help you level up faster as well as gain more credits for store purchases. Once you have completed the campaign for the first time you will unlock a new class called “Recon”.

The cover system is mostly a complete waste. Most of the time you should be up and fighting while moving or just standing still. The only time you should be actively using the cover system is in missions that are Synthetic heavy. You can hide behind cover and shoot blind so you don’t get hit. (The Demolisher Class makes this even easier as the Smart Gun can auto lock onto them while behind cover). During encounters where there is Xenos and Synthetics try and let them fight it out. This will save you ammo and let the enemies do the work for you.

One of the achievements requires you to max level a number of guns. So always swap out a fully level’d gun for a different one. If playing on harder difficulties I wouldn’t worry about it and just use the one your comfortable with.

You will have to level all classes to max level anyway so take this time to test out which one you prefer and use that when playing on Insane. Regarding that don’t attempt Insane at all without 3 people pre-made at max level (20) with maxed out classes (700+ Combat Rating) and a generally good team composition.

My preferred team composition:
– Gunner/Demolisher (Main Damage Dealer)
– Technician (Main Defence, use flamethrower turret for Xenos and Heavy Turret for Synthetics)
– Recon (Main Support,Provides Vision, Ammo and Healing)

When going for Insane you can switch that composition to fit your preferred play-styles. However, I’d say the Recon is a must have. The vision and ammo drops alone make it worthwhile especially for spotting hidden prowlers in the missions. Sadly, the Doc just isn’t worth taking till they buff the heals the class provides. Always do insane missions with the Challenge Card “Human Tanks” it gives all players double health.

In the latter part of the game you will start finding Eggs with Facehuggers in them. Make sure to clear out the room free of the eggs before starting any encounters. Otherwise you will constantly get grappled mid fight.

Natural Progression

These are unlocked though natural progression during the game meaning you don’t need to worry about them. They are listed in the order you unlock them.

Priority One
Finish the “Priority One” Campaign.

Giants in the Earth
Finish the “Giants in the Earth” Campaign.

The Gift of Fire
Finish the “Gift of Fire” Campaign.

The Only Way to be Sure
Finish the “Only Way to be Sure” Campaign.

I’ll also list the difficulty related achievements here as they are pretty self explanatory. As I’ve said in the General Tips don’t bother with Insane or Extreme unless you are max level and have a premade team. A side note completing the game on the max difficulty will unlock the lower ones.

Didn’t Break a Sweat
Finish a mission on Intense Difficulty.

A Stand Up Fight
Finish a mission on Extreme Difficulty.

]My Kind of Crazy
Finish a mission on Insane Difficulty.

Expeditionary Service Ribbon
Finish all Campaigns on Standard Difficulty.

LV-895 Service Ribbon
Finish all Campaigns on Intense Difficulty.

LV-895 Campaign Medal
Finish all Campaigns on Extreme Difficulty.

Reticulum Theater Medal
Finish all Campaigns on Insane Difficulty.

Important Achievements

In this section I’ll cover any achievements that you should do pretty much straight away or be on the lookout for while playing through the game.

Return 39 pieces of intel.

This one is pretty easy as you can just watch a YouTube video on each mission or screenshots. There are typically 3 intel per mission and I’d aim to get this done on your first playthough so you can focus on the hard difficulties later.

Video Guide by Legacy Gaming
Steam Guide by Shark and Grykus

Credit goes to all of these people and the work they put in. Use which ever format you prefer.

Keen Eye
Open 50 hidden caches.

Although this achievement isn’t hard you can only find 1 per mission meaning at a minimum you are going to have to do 50 missions and that’s if you find the hidden cache on all levels as it spawns in different places each time. If you are struggling to find them check out this YouTube Video by MrReign. Although the box isn’t 100% going to spawn there you can be on the look out in some of these spots. The box you are looking for is Orange as shown below.

Hard Achievements

In this section I will be covering achievements that are extremely difficult or that require a ton of grinding.

Supportive Squad
Complete 50 missions without anyone being downed.

You can grind this on casual with bots are just do the first mission. Just thought I’d mention it now as you can always heal allies if they are getting low and they aren’t using there health kit. Saves you time in the long run.

Tower Defense
Use 500 consumables.

Chances are you will get this passively while farming the rest of the achievements but these are essentially the extra tools you pick up or have taken into missions. Things like Sentry Turrets, Electric Ammo, Mines all things that you can use to fortify or buff your character. You will probably use at least 1-2 a mission so you may just need to grind the rest if you don’t get it before the rest.

Kitted Out
Level five Kits to Rank 8.

This just means you need to max out all classes. That being the Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc and Recon. You can grind the early stages of each class on the first mission (Make sure to play with XP Challenge Cards to make it faster). Once you get to a decent combat rating just grind the last mission or horde mode to get it maxed out. Switch to a new class once done.

All My Personal Friends
Level 30 weapons to four stars.

This one is more annoying than challenging. You will be forced to use some weapons that you simply don’t like just to get it maxed out. If you want to do this fast play with the XP Boost challenge cards and always use a different weapon if you max it out to 4 stars. This isn’t hard just takes a while.

High Voltage
Kill 1000 enemies with electricity.

I’d arguably say this is one of the most challenging achievements in the game. There are two methods to getting this from what I’ve seen. The first being to use the Electric Ammo consumable and killing enemies with it. I’d play the mission “The Gift of Fire: Boarding” as you can 1 shot the Pathogen’s making it easy to get. The alternative way that I’ve found but takes a lot longer is by using the Technician class and throwing your Electric Nodes onto Alien Eggs in the last mission. If left long enough it will pop the egg and count towards an electric kill. I’d recommend doing this method alone and keeping the AI away as they can shoot the eggs if a facehugger crawls out.

Those Things Were Huge
Eliminate 2000 elite enemies.

This one will take a lot of time to do as you need to kill a lot of elite enemies. I’d honestly just recommend playing Horde mode for this as there are a few waves that include a lot of Elite’s making it the easiest to grind. Pretty much anything that isn’t a normal Xenomorph, Synthetic or Pathogen is a form of Elite.

Suturing Expert
Heal your fireteam with an aid kit 100 times.

Although this is one of the rarest achievements in the game I personally found it really easy to achieve. I’d recommend playing Horde mode as you will constantly have medkits getting dropped. Simply at the end of almost every 2 round (early) and 1 round later on heal your allies with you medkit and go pick another up for yourself. I managed to passively get this over the course of a few days just doing this. Feel free to do the same thing in normal missions just try and heal them after the fight rather than before to save medkits. I wouldn’t bother doing the game if someone is playing Doc as they will just keep healing everyone. Which isn’t good if you are just grinding for the achievement.

Average Achievements

In this section I will cover any achievements that are slightly difficult or take a bit of time to grind.

A Personal Friend of Mine
Level a weapon to four stars.

Chances are you will get this passively from just using a weapon you prefer to use. However, if you want to level one quickly simply use a challenge card in a mission that provides bonus XP. This can help level it to 4 even faster than normal.

Fully Rigged
Fill every slot in a perk board.

This achievement will require you to at least get rank 5 on any class. That’s when you unlock all the perk slots. Simply fill the entire perk board with whatever you want and it will unlock. If you want a specific build check out My Builds section of the guide which may give you some ideas.

Level a Kit to Rank 8.

This just requires you to max level one of your characters. I’d just pick your favourite one and keep doing missions with a XP Challenge Card equiped. It should level your character fairly quickly.

Burn ‘Em Out
Kill 1000 enemies with fire.

This is more of a time sync than a difficulty matter. The ways you can get this is by using the Heavy Flamethrower or the CQW Flamethrower. Both aren’t great weapons but they count towards the achievement. I personally prefer to use the Flamethrower Turret for the Technician as I don’t need to worry about it and my turret will passively do the work for me. If you want to grind this I’d also recommend the “The Gift of Fire: Boarding” mission as you can kill a lot of Pathogen’s easily with the flamethrower.

It’s a Bug Hunt
Eliminate 10000 Xenomorphs.

There really isn’t any easy trick to this it’s just gametime. I’d recommend the Horde Mode if you still need this achievement by the end but chances are you will have unlocked it passively by just doing everything else. So I’d just ignore this achievement.

Glorified Toasters
Eliminate 1000 Synthetics.

I’d recommend playing the mission “Giants in The Earth: Evacuate” for this achievement. It’s a Synthetic heavy mission. Just repeat this mission with bots and you will eventually get this achievement. Just one of those achievements you will have to grind.

Got All I Need
Complete a mission without using aid kits, ammo crates, or consumables.

This is actually really easy. I’d recommend doing it after your first playthrough as you need the recon class for it. If you play the very first mission on casual which will give you better AI Bots and play the Recon class. The support drone provides ammo and health which won’t fail the achievement. Allowing you to keep all your ammo and gain health back from kills. Bear in mind you will only get HP back for killing enemies while inside the support drones radius. Try and let the AI take care of most of the enemies for you. You can do this with friends but I’d suggest just doing it solo as the AI Bots have unlimited ammo and they won’t open ammo crates or health. As a side not you can also do this as Doc but you will probably run out of ammo.

Express Yourself
Collect 20 emotes.

You can get emotes by opening Hidden Caches in missions as well as buy some from the vendor on the ship. Chances are you will get this passively by just doing everything else so I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s a Cover, Not a Hat
Collect 20 hats.

Just like the emote achievement above you can get Hats by opening Hidden Caches in missions as well as buy some from the vendor on the ship. Chances are you will get this passively by just doing everything else so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Art Gallery
Collect 40 decals.

Just like the emote achievement above you can get decals by opening Hidden Caches in missions as well as buy some from the vendor on the ship. Chances are you will get this passively by just doing everything else so I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s Camouflage on Some Planet
Collect 40 colorways.

Just like the emote achievement above you can get colorways by opening Hidden Caches in missions as well as buy some from the vendor on the ship. Chances are you will get this passively by just doing everything else so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Trigger Discipline
Complete a mission on Intense Difficulty or above without anyone taking friendly fire damage.

This one can be a slight pain but the easiest method I’ve found would be to play the first mission with 2 friends. All of you play the technician and let your turrets do most of the killing. The turrets don’t do team damage allowing it to kill all the enemies without any of you getting hit. I’d only shoot if you really need to and make you are all spaced out and not shooting across from each other. When in narrow corridors I’d suggest just sending 1 person through that way they can shoot freely without any risk. I also wouldn’t take weapons like a shotgun or flamethrower for this as all it takes is a tiny bit of damage. I’d recommend just using the hand cannon’s like the Type 95 Combat Pistol as shown in the My Builds Section.

Easy Achievements

In this section I will cover all achievements that you can get pretty easily or with minimal effort.

Red Makes It Shoot Faster
Equip a colorway and decal onto a gun.

Simply go into your loadout on any class, click on any weapon you have equiped and apply any decal and colorway to your gun.

Nukes, Knives, AND Sharp Sticks
Equip three attachments on a single weapon.

This is pretty self explanatory. If you don’t have any you can buy some from the vendor on the shop and get them from Hidden Caches in missions.

Confidence Course
Do a successful Challenge run.

Overwhelming Confidence
Complete 25 successful Challenge runs.

These two achievements are simple to get. All you need to do is activate a challenge card every time you do a mission and this can be done on any difficulty. Even ones that help you like double health as long as you complete the objective/mission.

Fashion Team
Change your hat and outfit.

Simply go into your loadout on any class, click on your Hat and body Accessory and change it to something you want. (You don’t need to change base appearance)

Ready for Anything
Collect 25 attachments.

State of the Art Firepower
Collect one attachment of every type.

You get attachments from leveling up, completing missions, doing certain challenges and finding the hidden cache in a level. You will most likely get this passively by just playing the game so I wouldn’t worry about either of these.

Anti-Mutation Station
Eliminate 300 Pathogen.

Although 300 might sound like a lot the Pathogen is basically a 1 shot creature that comes in a swarm so you could farm this in casual on the mission “The Gift of Fire: Boarding”. Just take synthetic’s or 2 friends who won’t shoot them to farm it easier.

I Think They Like Me
Get grappled five times in the same mission.

One of the easiest ways to do this achievement is to take the challenge card “Beautiful Butterflies”. This turns all Xeno runners into Prowlers who will grapple you making this easy to get. You can always get this in a normal mission just make sure to run in first so you get grappled and not allies.

Improvised Explosives
Kill 50 enemies with explosive barrels or pods.

On all levels you will find red explosive barrels either in the form of pods, barrels or part of the hull of a ship. If you shoot these during the holdout sections of missions chances are you will kill 3-5 enemies with one. You will most likely just get this passively from playing the game.

My Class Builds

In this section of the guide I’m going to show some of my preferred builds on the classes in the game to hopefully make it easier for you when building your own classes. Feel free to tweak and improve where needed. (Some classes could be improved but some abilities don’t work as they are bugged. Example would be the quicker recharge on some abilities doesn’t do anything but it might be fixed in the future.)


To be added in the future.


To be added in the future.


First we have the Hand Gun Slot. I personally prefer the Type 95 Combat Pistol. It’s got good ammo capacity and does a lot of damage to normal xenos from a good distance.

– Recoil Booster
– Tactical Mag
– Hybrid Sight

Moving onto the CQW slot. I massively prefer the DT-57 Medved. I take it on all classes that use the CQW slot as there is almost no reload time, the range is huge, extremely accurate and it has insane damage.

– Precision Brake
– Rapid Dispersal Unit
– Reflex Laser Sight

Finally we have the Perk Tree. Going from the Left side and from top to bottom we have the following perks:

– Force Multiplier IV
– Dynamic Delivery Systems
– Incinerator Turret (You can swap this out to heavy turret with missions that are Synthetic based)
– Real-Time Resource Reclamation
– Hyperlocal Logistics
– Force Multiplier III
– Extended Duration IV
– Deep Leverage
– Disruptive Technology
– Resonating Impact
– Scalable Machine Learning
– Enhanced Reach IV


To be added in the future.


First we have the Rifle Slot. I personally prefer the AM-16 Gruppa. It’s got good ammo capacity and does a lot of damage to normal xenos from a good distance.Allowing you to skill swarms with ease.

– Recoil Booster
– Smart Rounds
– Red Dot Sight

Moving onto the CQW slot. I massively prefer the DT-57 Medved. I take it on all classes that use the CQW slot as there is almost no reload time, the range is huge, extremely accurate and it has insane damage.

– Precision Brake
– Rapid Dispersal Unit
– Reflex Laser Sight

Finally we have the Perk Tree. I’ll start with the top 4 and work my way from left tor right. By no means is this a perfect build it’s just experimentation and what I prefer. Feel free to change accordingly. I focused the build around giving permanent vision rather than aiding in heals or ammo.

– Got Your Back
– Back in The Fight
– Extended Duration II
– Adrenaline Rush
– The Long Haul
– Extended Duration III
– Threat Detected
– Rapid Deployment
– Quick Charge III
– Hit-and-Run Tactics
– Recon Rifle Mastery
– Recon Rifle Training

Thanks to Dan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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