All Dream Long A Flower Storm: All Items & Endings Guide

This guide will help you collect the items from every chapter in the VN and also help you to get all the endings. Spoiler warming!!!

About the Game: All Dream Long A Flower Storm is a whimsical, award-winning point-and-click visual novel adventure game from the creators of HUNGRY TEA PARTY and My Dear Frankenstein. it is now available on Steam.

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You don’t have to follow the order according to the numbers in the attached pictures except for the tunes in chapter 2 and when you will wind the clock in chapter 4. You can also try to solve all the puzzles by yourself for the funsies. As for the endings, I’m honestly not sure if it’s right or wrong. But I got three different endings from all these steps. Lastly, sorry if there are spelling errors and I hope this guide works.

Chapter 1: A flutter In Anticipation

“I don’t know”

  1. Click the cherry tree’s branches. Take the cherry blossoms. Click the cherry tree’s branches again. Take more cherry blossoms.
  2. Click Baku. Give her the cherry blossom branch. Baku will give you a clue in case you need it.
  3. Click cupboard on the left. Take the paper with the moon.
  4. Click another cupboard on the right. Take the paper with the sun.
  5. Click the teal-colored book on the right. Click the paper with the moon. Put it in the East. Click the paper with the sun. Put it in the West.
  6. Click the young man. Ask anything.
  7. Click some paper and a fountain pen. Write to the young man. Take the letter to the young man. Click the young man again. Give the letter. Click him one more time. Take the letter from the young man. The letter can be used as a clue.
  8. Click the robin. Enter answer. The answer: April Take the key. Click the robin again and enter the same answer. Take the purple berries.
  9. Click the chest. Open the chest. Take the bees.
  10. Click some paper and a fountain pen. Write to Baku. Take the letter to Baku.
  11. Click Baku, “Let’s have some tea.” Take the empty glass.
  12. Click butterfly. Click the glass in the inventory. Take the butterfly.
  13. Click the long display shelf. Put all items in the inventory on the shelf.
  14. Click the Torii Gate. “Let’s go.”

Chapter 2: Sobbing in A Groove

“I don’t know.”

  1. There are two foxes on the left. Click the first fox (Groom’s mother). Ask anything. Take the tiered sake cup.
  2. Click the second fox (Groom). Take the lucky fortune slip. The slip can be used as a clue.
  3. Click the bride. Give tiered sake cup. Take the bride’s tears.
  4. Click the fox who sits on the Torii Gate (Cub fox). “Okay.” Answer the puzzle. The answer: (1) F, (3) L, (5) Q, (6) D, (7) J, (8) T, (9) B, (10) O, (11) T. Take the tomorrow stone and the good stone.
  5. Click the shrine. Give the tiered sake cup. Click the shrine again. Give the good stone (stone with the moon). The day will change to the night.
  6. Click the sky. The seven-star constellation will appear.
    • Tune 1:
    • Tune 2:

    Take the deep-fried rat.

  7. Click the animal trap on the left. “Place the rat on it.”
  8. Click the shrine. Give it the tomorrow stone (stone with the sun). The night will change to the day.
  9. Click the trap. Take the white fox’s tail.
  10. Click the shrine. Give white fox’s tail. “Let’s go.”

Chapter 3: The Odd Couple

” I don’t recognize it”

  1. Click the cupboard on the left. Take the symposium. The book can be used as a clue.
  2. Click the navy/dark blue-colored book on the top right side of the bookshelf. Take a midsummer night’s dream and the quote.
  3. Click the fluffy reed. Take the green foxtail.
  4. Click the professor. Dangle the reed in front of him. Take the Tale of Princess Kaguya. The book can be used as a clue.
  5. Click the cat. Ask how to use the door up high. Take the letter from the cat’s wife. Click the cat again. “Tell what the letter says.” Enter answer. The answer: Moon Take the gold key.
  6. Click the lion. Turn it three times to the right. Turn it once to the left.
  7. Click the ladder. Push it to the left.
  8. Click the drawers. Take the photo.
  9. Click the door. Enter the numbers. The numbers: 7 3 6 2 “Let’s go.”

Chapter 4: Dashed to Pieces

  1. Click the waitress. Don’t order coffee. Take the coffee.
  2. Click Baku. Give the coffee.
  3. Click the photograph on the floor. Take the old photo.
  4. Click the lady. Ask about the passcode. Click the lady again. Give her the photograph. You can ask her, the boy, the girl, and the gentleman for the passcode by choosing “don’t ask the passcode” if you want to solve the puzzle by yourself.
  5. Click the door. Enter the passcode. The passcode: 8 2 scratch
  6. The cafe will turn dark. Click the darkness. Take the special recipe.
  7. Click the axe. Take the axe.
  8. Click the pillar. “Break open the pillar with the axe.” Take the turnkey.
  9. Click the boy. Swing the axe at him. Take the marbles.
  10. Click the lady. Swing the axe at her. Take the lipstick.
  11. Click the girl. Swing the axe at her. Take the ribbon.
  12. Click the gentleman. Swing the axe at him. Take the pipe.
  13. Click the clock. Use the turnkey to wind the clock.
    • Go to chapter 1: Click the young man. Chop the branches. Take the seashell. Click the Torii Gate to leave.
    • Go to chapter 2: Talk to everyone there (including Baku and the white fox). Click the shrine. Give the good stone (stone with the moon). Click the black fox. “Apologize.” Click the shrine. It will blink. Click the shrine again. Give the tomorrow stone (stone with the sun). Take the white fox’s blessing. The midsummer night’s dream book from chapter 3 will appear. Take the blue-gray ashes. Click the shrine follow where it leads. Go to chapter 4.
  14. [SAVE] Click items, click the special recipe. Choose ingredients. Give the heart to the darkness. “Let’s go.”

    • Normal Ending 1, 2: Coffee cup, marbles, ribbon, lipstick, pipe.
    • True Ending: [LOAD SAVE] Coffe cup, beautyberries flower, seashell, camellia flower (you’ll get it after experience one of the normal endings), blueish ashes.

Chapter 5: To You, The Wondrous Creator

  1. Normal Ending 1: Any choices. You will wake up in your room and the young man will talk to you. Take the camellia flower.
  2. True Ending: [LOAD SAVE] Follow the ingredients I mentioned in the previous chapter. You will wake up in a hospital.
  3. Normal Ending 2: I’m still not really sure about this one. But I got another ending by doing this step. So all you have to do is restart the game (you will lose all items but the camellia flower remains in your inventory).
    Click start on the main menu. Click yes. Do the same step with the normal ending until chapter 5 but with different first options in each chapter. If you follow this guide the options will be: Chapter 1: Home > Chapter 2: She could be > Chapter 3: Professor’s room. You will wake up in your room and the black cat from chapter 3 will appear. After that, the young man will talk to you. Take the camellia flower.

Thanks to 309 for his great items and endings guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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