All You Know About MyCareer Attribute Caps in NBA 2K19

As 2K Sports has said, the MyCareer attribute caps set in order to keep the better gameplay balance and less demigod cheesing. The ones that affect the stat of your player are your player’s height and play style. Weight is insignificant which mean that even you go max weight, there will make no difference on the stat. Height will affect the speed of your my player. The taller you get, the slower you will be. While the play style affects almost all aspect your your attribute stats. Here is the tips in NBA 2K19 MyCareer attribute caps guide position height play style.


What are Limits Placed on Your Players

Understanding your attribute caps when creating your players is an extremely important part of NBA 2K19. Not understanding the limits placed on your players can cause you to waste time, energy, and resources into increasing a player’s stats, when in reality, there is no chance of you moving past what they are at. This can be extremely frustrating if not tempered in the early stages of the game.


What are Attribute Caps?

Attribute caps are the highest peak at which your player can reach in a certain attribute. Currently, the max you are able to do for any attribute is 25, which is extremely hard to hit. If you are able to get an attribute score of 25 for a skill, that means you have completely maxed out that attribute, and will not gain any growth from putting time and energy into that attribute.


What Influences Attribute Caps?

Attribute Caps change depending on the skills you choose for your players. For instance, if you pick defending and driving/finishing as your skills for your center, your attribute caps will swing more towards defensive attributes, such as blocking and lateral quickness, and a few others.

Another thing that determines attribute caps is the player height. This may come as a shock, but it does make sense if you think about it. You have to find the sweet spot of heights when creating your players. Each position has a different sweet height that will help to maximise the attribute caps.

The final influence of Attribute Caps is the position itself. Certain skill combinations work better with different positions. For instance, a power forward has better skill combinations that work for them than with a center.


Hope this NBA 2K19 MyCareer Attribute Caps Guide can help you create a MyCareer player in NBA 2K19 that best fits your play style.

Post Author: Robins Chew