Amazing Chicken Adventures: Quick Guide (How to Play)

Here is a quick guide on how to play guide for the Amazing Chicken Adventures.


How to Play Amazing Chicken Adventures

Welcome to Amazing Chicken Adventures!

Amazing Chicken Adventures is a 3D precision platformer where main objective is to roll 3 eggs into a floating basket. To do so, chicken needs to solve puzzles to unblock a save passage for the eggs.

Basic Gameplay
1. Main objective of the game is to roll 3 eggs in each sky-level into a floating basket while avoiding cute-but-deadly environment.
3. Everything falls. If you fall off the level you’ll get back to the ground and you need to restart your level.
4. Eggs break when dropped on rocks or dropped from high places.
5. Sky-level are hidden behind the portals on the ground.
6. Portals are obstructed so to open them up you need to find a relevant item. Items can be found inside of sky levels.

Hat Mechanic
1. Hats are not just cosmetic – they affect the environment in different way – i.e. allowing to interact with something or pick another item something up. Experiment to find out their attributes.
2. Hat can be taken into the sky level – simply put it on and jump into the portal
3. Some levels need you to bring the hat to progress. Go back to the ground, pick right one from the backpack and retry.

Item Mechanics
1. Chicken can carry one hat and one item at a time.
2. Simply walk into an item to pick it up.
3. You can drop your item by pressing the Drop button (Q on keyboard or rightmost button on controller)
4. Items interact with other objects in the world.
5. To collect item and add it to your backpack you need to throw it into the basket at the end of the level.

There are currently 4 treasures hidden within the ground section. Bring it to the shrine to complete the biome.

Shrines showcases your found treasure and shows how many eggs you have rescued in the given biome.

1. Game supports cooperative, split-screen co-op for all levels. Use the menu to enable it.
2. Backpack is shared among co-op players but each player can manage their own load-out.

Thanks to rochal for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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