Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Xiandao Golden Core Cultivation

The Bare Minimum for Xiandao Cultivation and a few Headers



Xiandao Golden Core Cultivation is the Starting Law for any playthrough and most likely the more complex and detailed path to immortality, I’ll try to address the core mechanics for it.

TL;DR Use the Manual Pavilion


At its core Xiandao is easy to progress, you just sit down and cultivate until you reach a limit, breakthrough the limit and move on until immortality.
Xiandao Cultivators go through 5 stages:

  1. Qi Shaping
    The Starting Phase, as the name suggests you’re shaping the Qi to form your Golden Core, there’s not much to this phase and it should be over before you’re even able to notice it, usually its not even worthwhile to stress over Xiandao mechanics in this phase.
  2. Core Shaping
    Arguably the most important phase, it precedes Golden Core and is the main factor in achieving a high tier GC, you should focus on raising your Max Qi by studying every manual available for it in the manual pavilion, raising your compatibility with the chosen law, and keeping your mental state high right before forming the core, I’ll address this phase in more detail on the Golden Core section of the guide
  3. Golden Core
    Right after forming Golden Core you get on this phase, from here on breakthroughs will take much longer to reach, this is the best time to raise your base mental state and stamina acquisition rate since your cultivators will be sitting cultivating for a while
  4. Primordial Spirit
    Could be called the last stage, this is when all the important skills are unlocked and you’re at the peak of your power, now is the time to focus on whatever you want out of this cultivator, you should only proceed if you want to ascend this cultivator or have some very specific need for a Demi-God
  5. Demi-God
    The real last stage, after going through the tribulation from heaven your powers are increased, but you’ll have to deal with a tribulation every once in a while, or just consume a lot of elixirs to postpone the coming thunders of tribulation, you can teleport into any location in the map, the skill aint really useful since cultivators get absurdly fast with contracts and knowledge

Every law has a different progression and when choosing one for the cultivator you’ll be briefly informed of what that law has in store for you, like the seven slaughtering that has to face multiple tribulations in cultivation, or the reincarnation law that loses its power after the start of each phase
I’ll talk a bit more about tribulations and golden core in a later section

Manual Pavilion Knowledge

When compared to the other Cultivation methods, Xiandao shines because of one thing, sharing knowledge, you can obtain buffs and skills from any other Xiandao Law by using the Manual Pavilion Building (Located in the sect section of the build menu), to use it effectively ensures you get the most of your Xiandao Cultivator, you’ll want to build many of those early, transcribing every Supreme Law you have and hunting down the other Supreme Laws and Primordial Spirit Laws

You start off with only the supreme law chosen on the character creation (pick heaven stealing, hardest to get later), but on the first few events (Secrets) on the game you gain access to the complete 5 supreme laws from the Taiyi Sect:

  • Sunflower Refining Law (Earth)
  • Grand Chariot Wisdom Law (Metal)
  • Six Paths Reincarnation Law (Wood)
  • Sixteen Supreme Steps Law (Water)
  • True Sun Refining Law (Fire)

You can get the Supreme Laws from the Kunlun Competition, which happens roughly yearly on the game, winning it is hard early on but after getting a “Primordial Spirit Cultivator with Max Luck and Maxed out on the Tiered Knowledge (bottom left of Skill Panel)” you’ll be winning those competitions with ease

Stat Required
Law Obtained
Kunlun Debate
INT-Primordial Spirit-LUK
Jade Purity Immortal Law (No Element)
Crafting Contest
Artifact Crafting-Primordial Spirit-LUK
Myriad Artifact Law
Alchemy Contest
Alchemy-Primordial Spirit-LUK
Primordial Alchemy Law
Sword Duel
Artifact Mastery-Primordial Spirit-LUK
Seven-Slaughtering Sword
Magic Duel
Spell-Primordial Spirit-LUK
Emotion Severing Law

The other kinds of Law asides from Supreme (Primordial Spirit, Ascension, etc) are also very important on getting a strong Xiandao Cultivator since they bring A LOT of knowledge to learn, most of it being very useful, like the protection and spell knowledge, the extra stat buffing ones and the stamina knowledge

There are 2 major ways to get these Laws, the easier way is to learn from unconscious enemies, every cultivator that attacks your sect has a Law, and almost everytime it will be a Law you’ve never seen before, you can get those Laws from them through two methods, either you take the unconscious enemy into your sect, using the Incantation of Consonance Miracle, raise his Loyalty by keeping his mood up (regrowing lost limbs, giving a weapon and artifact or just spamming panacea on them until the stacks of “A Miracle” work his mood up), when Loyalty reaches 100 the cultivator shares the Law with you, you can then add it to your Manual Pavillon. The other way of getting the Law is on taking a dying enemy to a very bad feng shui room (Hell Gate) and using the Soul Inquiry Miracle, which will likely get you his law and some evil sect reputation

Loyalty and opening up to the Law

About Inspiration XP, the cost of learning something will rise for each thing you learn, its connected to a number called “Attainment”, viewable on the cultivator stat panel, while high attainment is needed for some events its usually not desirable to have since anything will cost absurd numbers of XP, to avoid high Attainment don’t acquire knowledge that is marked with COUNTERACTIVE when you hover over it, you’ll notice that the attainment increase is much higher than it should be, which knowledge will carry this tag is related to the cultivation law, to easily obtain a lot of inspiration XP work with the power tab and offices in other locations, I’ll go over this in another guide, without these XP is very hard to come by

Counteractive, avoid

There are other methods for obtaining supreme laws, such as ancient caskets obtainable through mining, I would consider caskets farmable because of the Mountain shaping miracle, that spawns ores back on the map so you can mine them, you can also obtain supreme laws through the event “Manifesting Mandate”, the event is rare and you’ll obtain the law if you’re compatible with it, choose the second option and spam it with different cultivators until you obtain it, or just have a “jack of all trades” cultivator get it. the only supreme law not obtainable through the kunlun festival (Heaven Stealing Law, which develops around lifespan), can be found in these methods

The Supreme Laws

Golden Core

The highlight of cultivation progression is the creation of the Golden Core, its importance is connected to the importance of a high Max Qi pool, since Qi is essentially a Xiandao Cultivator HP and MP stat, a high tier Golden Core carries a far higher base Qi which turns into a very large ammount of Qi after every Max Qi buff you carry

While molding the core the cultivator uses all its available Qi to the best of its skill to create a better core, usually the best result you can get is a GC Tier-1, but the process keeps going after tier 1 so there’s not much of a clear limit, however Tier-1 is still the best you can get without minmaxing way too much

Max Qi

Before anything boost the Max Qi of your cultivator to the highest you can, the easiest way to increase is through Manuals from the Manual Pavilion (use the search function, IT WORKS just type “Max Qi” there) and use certain elixirs, some easily available and some not, detailed bellow

Red Ginseng
Ginseng Farming or Adventure
Linghzi Farming or Adventure
Earth Flux
Adventure with Lucky Fire Cultivator to Gemspring Cave (Mt.Shu)

All of these items have their performance increased when Spectre Refined (Spectre Refining Miracle, uses Anguish Soul Gem), but this usually costs too much and takes a lot of time, you might not want to minmax that much

The performance of Golden Core creation is determined by the following factors

  • Mental State

    Straightforward, the cultivator’s mental state, easy to Max, set your cultivator focus on “Mind” and wait until he reaches 100, it should max out around 95

  • Weather

    Whether the weather element feeds the cultivator’s law, obeying the classic element order, might be harder to achieve if you have no cultivators that have achieved Golden Core earlier, since some of the miracles could be behind a Golden Core knowledge wall, all of the weather miracles are available in the starting supreme laws, use the manual pavilion to get access to them. Bellow is the recommended weather for each cultivation element

    Element of the Law
    Weather Miracle
    Dust Devil
    Noxious Air
    Foehn Wind


  • Yin Yang

    Whether the time of day is favorable to the cultivators Law, Water and Metal are Yin and are in advantage through the Night, Fire and Wood are Yang and are in advantage through the Day, Earth is abount balance, transition times. Bellow recommended time for breakthrough start

    Element of the Law
    Time of Day
    Water and Metal
    Fire and Wood


  • Season

    Much like the last two, the element of the season should also feed the cultivator’s law, with Spring being Wood, Summer being Fire, Autumn being Metal, Winter being Water and transition times (end of each season) being Earth. The seasons are at their strongest right before day 15, you should breakthrough around day 12, with the exception of Earth that is at peak right before day 28. Because the Metal Miracle can only be cast in Winter and Spring you shouldnt breakthrough Metal in Summer and Autumn. Bellow recommended season for breakthrough

    Element of the Law
    Day and Season
    ~Day 25 of Winter or Spring
    ~Day 12 of Autumn
    ~Day 12 of Winter
    ~Day 12 of Spring
    ~Day 12 of Summer


  • Law

    When you’re choosing which law the cultivator will follow you are presented with a stat table that compared the cultivator’s stats and the law required stats, this Golden Core requirement is all about being above the requirements of your Law, to do this you can:

    • Use the manual pavilion with the knowledge that can increase stats (PER and CON are easier to increase)
    • Use alchemy elixirs like Eternity Pill and Bane Pill (their recipes and ingredients are harder to come by early on
    • Use stat buffing items like Yaoguai treasures (bought from merchants or other sects), or certain craftable items like the bracelets from the handcraft station


  • Qi Bonus

    This is about the location you choose to perform the breakthrough, the optimal cultivation and breakthrough room features many items that grant the Gather Qi stat, early on some laws have it harder to find matching element items but there is usually a cheaper alternative, this stat is considerably buffed by the outer diamond spiritwood layout which is a cheap and affordable item. Bellow is an example of a cultivation room

    • The outer diamond is filled with spiritwood, a cheap item with a “Gather Qi” stat
    • The inner diamond is filled with Fire Essence Bar, since this room is meant for an Earth Cultivator
    • In the corners of the room there are temperature regulating items, since Fire items raise the temperature
    • The Qi Cushion (Unlocked at 500 sect reputation) is made of earth, so it can be fed from surrounding items
    • The flooring in the inner diamond is made of igneocopper (Fire)
    • Everything else is made of spirit stone block, a somewhat high grade material so it can raise the Room Quality and Room Attractiveness
    • Something harder to notice on the picture, bellow the Qi Cushion there’s a banned item, you can do this by removing the cushion, dropping the item there and banning it, and placing the cushion back, this allows you to squeeze in an extra item right at the center

    Here goes a bit over a few possible resources for cultivation

    Just use whatever you can of the element that has a “Gather Qi” Stat, if you can’t find anything just use something of the right feeding element

    The Gather Qi Range is mostly about interlapping the Gather Qi effect with others.

  • Element

    This is mostly explained in the previous section, just pick elements compatible with the cultivator’s law for the inner diamond displays and the same element of the Law for the Qi Cushion (or regular cushion if you haven’t unlocked it yet) (Sect tab on building panel)


Qi Jumping

There’s also some sort of glitch to get a bit extra Qi on your cultivator WHILE he’s going through golden core shaping. by keeping the banned spiritwood in the positions shown in the room example above they naturally gather Qi, when you start the golden core forming you’ll wait one hour from the start and place a Tictactoe building right on top of ONE banned spiritwood, you should do this every hour until the 4 spiritwood have “jumped” (you’ll notice the little jump when you place the Tic-tac-toe), the Qi from the spiritwood will hop through the room and your cultivator will benefit from it, you might get a T1 from an estimated T2 this way

Cultivation Itself

The easy part, cultivation is simply sitting down for a long while and filling the required Qi, there’s just a few mechanics that you should be mindful of

  • Mental State
    Early on will be the thing that hinders you the most, Mental state is the middle bar on a cultivators panel, the higher the mental state, the faster you’ll gain cultivation, if it goes too low you’ll be far too slow to even consider it progress, early on you should keep the balance manually by switching it on the character panel from practice to mind, try keeping it between 50 and 80 or just get to ~95 and cultivate the fast way, later on you shouldn’t have this problem, there are many manuals that improve your base mental state (meaning your mental state shouldnt go lower than X value), build the manual pavilion as soon as possible and get those to avoid the trouble of keeping an eye on that
  • Stamina
    This will likely go unnoticed by some on the early stages, but cultivators use stamina while cultivating, this is manily recovered by eating and since they don’t really eat while cultivating it just goes down, if it goes bellow 30 they stop cultivating, if you have a lot of stamina its not a pressing issue, but it becomes hard to recover stamina for cultivators, learn a few manuals about recovering stamina naturally on the manual pavilion when possible, these manuals are mainly obtainable from primordial spirit and ascension laws so do keep an eye out for any converted enemies, if you need stamina fast try eating an earth flux, they’re easily farmable by a primordial spirit cultivator with high luck that goes to Gemspring Cave (found by exploring Mt.Shu)
  • Aid
    This is in short a free bonus for anyone who’s not the master, just pick someone that has reached golden core to be the cultivator’s mentor and you’ll have your easy 3+ faster cultivation
  • Mood
    Easy to increase, just check the mood tab on the cultivation panel and deal with their needs like weapon and artifact needs, should prove to be the easier thing to increase since most mood statuses are positive

The other cultivation buffs are mostly explained in the Golden Core part, so do check it out.

Heavenly Tribulations

You shouldn’t worry too much about the heavenly tribulations, what you will see is a thunderstorm hitting your cultivator a few times and then its gone, but in order to not lose the cultivator you should do a few things

The Skills, bottom-left of the manual inspiration menu

  • Level your protection

    Tribulations don’t do that much damage if they’re not repeated tribulations, having level 20 in protection should be able to withstand tribulations, if possible also learn a few manuals from the Pavilion about protection, just to be sure

  • Unequip your artifact

    I know this will sound stupid, but it sure helped me many times, most of the Qi you lose from a tribulation is actually from the cultivator recharging his artifact, which will lose all that Qi really fast if you haven’t levelled anything from the artifact mastery manuals

  • Raise your Max Qi

    Can’t stress this enough, Max Qi is everything to Xiandao Survival, do what you can to raise your Max Qi if you’re struggling, manuals are a must have for anything, alchemy can save you, take a look at Sun Pills

  • Learn a few Spells

    Having a full deck of spells might not be the best, you waste a lot of attainment on spells you wont ever use, learn 2 or 3 great healing spells, 2 or 3 great damage spells and 2 or 3 great buffing spells, my personal preference is Reversa Cycle for Healing (absurd Healing), Candid Time for Damage (Solid Damage), one buffing spell for artifacts and one for protection. Also level your Spell Level and learn a few manuals if needed.

Thanks to Locksmith for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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