Amazing Frog? All Action Figures Locations (V3 Update)

This guide will show you the locations of some of the action figures added in the V3 update.


Before you read
This guide is not complete yet. If you comment the location of an action figure that is not in this guide, you will be credited in the action figure’s section of the guide. I collected some of the action figures before I made this guide, so that is why some are missing from the screenshots.

Default frog
Located behind the sofa in the hideout. This one shouldn’t be hard to find at all.
(I forgot to add a screenshot, I will add it soon.)

Santa frog
Located in a flowerbed in the spawn area.
(I forgot to add a screenshot, I will add it soon)

Police frog
Located immediately to the left after you walk into the back of Frog Court.

Grinch frog
Located between two dumpsters below the spawn area.

Penguin frog
Located on top of the car painting area. There is a ladder on the back so you can get up there.

Star frog
Located in the changing rooms in Fart Gyms.

Captain America frog
Located on the corner of a building overlooking the construction site.

Disco frog
Located on top of the Fantasy Bazaar.

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