Amnesia Rebirth: How to Cap at 60 FPS

Amnesia: Rebirth, a new descent into darkness from the creators of the iconic Amnesia series. here is a simple tutorial for you to fix the FPS issues.


How to Set the FPS to 60?

Try this:
1. Go to “My Documents\My Games\Amnesia Rebirth\Main\”
2. Find file that has “_user_settings.cfg” in it
3. Open with notepad, find `RefreshRate=”60″`, try changing to desired value

It is possible they have hardcoded some of the logic callculation/physics processing only to the available in the options values and going above 60 might speedup game events/actions by quite a margin so be aware.

Credit to Kein Zantezuken

You can also change this line LimitFPS=”false” and then locked it to 60 in RTSS, and all stuttering ended.

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