Among Us: How to Change Textures in New Versions (July 2021)

Changing textures in NEW versions of Among Us (2021.6.30 and higher)


Why old method doesn’t work anymore?

Innersloth updated Among Us to a new version of Unity that UABE still doesn’t support.

Download UABEA (Unity Assets Bundle Extractor Avalonia)

Here’s the link to GitHub release[]
1. Download UABEA from GitHub.

2. Extract archive into any directory on your hard drive.
3. Run UABEAvalonia.exe.

Import Unity assets

1. Click Export and select your Among Us local files.
2. In Among Us_Data folder choose any .assets that you need.

3. Click Type and select all 2D textures.

Export textures

1. Press Plugins button and choose Batch export .png.
2. Create any folder and export .png files to it.

Now you’re free to edit them.

Importing textures back into the game

Process is the same like exporting, but you need to select 2D textures again and in Plugins menu choose Batch import .png option.

Then, select the folder where the edited textures are located and press OK.
Save your results.

Thanks to fantasyfantast for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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