Among Us: How to Disable QuickChat

So, as you may know, Innersloth has added QuickChat to the game. People above the age of 12 can handle this easily, by going to the settings, data, then disable QuickChat. But for us under 12, we don’t have the freedom of disabling QuickChat. So for the unfree, here is a guide on how to disable QuickChat.

Step 1: Go into the windows search area, and type in %appdata%

Step 2: Where it says: AppData > Roaming, click AppData.

Step 3: Once clicked, click LocalLow, and scroll down to Innersloth in the files.

Step 4: Open the Among Us file, and then PlayerPrefs with Notepad.

Step 5: Look to the end of where the numbers and letters end, you will see the date. The one at the end, ignore. Your D.O.B would be right next to it, replace the year with 2000, exit Notepad and save changes, and then you have freedom to switch off the pesky QuickChat.

I hope this helps you, because QuickChat was never good. Enjoy!

By SunnyRanchGamingYT5758

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