Among Us: How to Unblock Free Chat

This guide is for those who have a problem sending a message free chat.


What is the problem?

Recently, the Innersloth team updated their Among Us game to 2021.2.21s. Where Quickchat was added for easy, fast and secure communication. But the Innersloth team initially decided to turn off regular chat for people under 18. To do this, they made a system where it will be necessary to enter the date of birth when starting the game.
However, Innersloth has received a bunch of complaints about disabling chat for people under the age of 18+.
And the developers immediately made the following updates, namely 2021.3.5s. Where early bugs were fixed, and the age rating of the system was changed from 18 to 13.
But the only trouble is that some people, due to not knowing, immediately skipped the input of their birthday. Because of this, most people have a free chat blocked and even in the game itself, you cannot change the date of birth. This is why I am writing this guide.


  • 0. We quit the game (If you have it running)
  • 1. Press the key combination Win + R and enter the “AppData” command. And we come to save the game, namely “AppData\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us
  • 2. Open the file “playerPrefs” from any text editor, in my case Notepad++
  • 3. An important point – After 23 commas to 26, there are the numbers that you entered at the start of the game. That is, after 23 decimal places – Your Month, after 24 decimal places – Your Number and after 25 – Your Year. In our case, we only need to change the Year.
  • 4. Change the year of birth to a year older than 13. For example, for the year 2000. And we save.
  • 5. Turn on the game.
  • 6. Go to Settings > Data, and in the “Chat Type” tab set “Free or Quick Chat“.
  • 7. Done! Enjoy the game!

By Maximka

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