Ancient Warfare 3: How To Make An Aircraft Carrier

This guide is about hot to make an aircraft carrier.



This guide is about how to make an aircraft carrier as shown. It won’t be able to be placed in water.

How To Make An Aircraft Carrier (Part 1)

Step 1: Your square foundations going up and down should be as long as 26. Going side to side would be around 5.
Step 2: You know how they have pins in bowling and their positions? Your foundation triangles should look how they sort the pins in bowling. Do it on both ends and don’t connect them to the aircraft body. make it 1 foundation block away from the body of the carrier.
Step 3: Connect both sides and in the middle of your connection, you should have it 3 square foundations.
Step 4: On the ends of both sides, you place a foundation triangle facing to which way left side or right. Then you connect another foundation triangle to the one facing left left side or right. do that on the 2 sides on each side of the carrier. so the equals to four times you have to do it.

How To Make An Aircraft Carrier ( Part 2)

Step 5: Follow that for the sides and make the sides 2 concrete walls tall. Then do the some thing for the floor the same as the foundation.

Now you finished making the lower part of the aircraft carrier! Congrats!

Step 6: Now for your place where the driver is.

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