Annalynn: How to Kill Snakes

I’ll teach you how to kill those pesky snakes.


In your time playing Annalynn you might realized how much of a pain the snakes are as you are trying to trying hard to beat the stage all while you are still collecting coins. You might not know that you can kill the snakes, luckily you can combat this.

Gaining power to kill.
In each stage there are multiple of these red gems. These Red Sapphires turn the snakes blue and make them behave differently.

Damaging the Snakes
While these snakes are blue yaba dee yaba doo you can kick them in the face. Kicking them in the face awards you points and removes the from the stage for a short amount of time.
Be careful though as the power of the Crimson Emeralds doesn’t last long make sure that piece of worthless waste of oxygen Mike doesn’t escape to the other side of the map while you are murdering the others before the power ends.

Annalynn Episode 4: The Randy Strikes Back
Once the power is up the snakes will drop from the ceiling again and they will continue to attack and chase you.

Plan Ahead
There are a limited amount of Red Crystals so don’t use them all at once. Plan out your attack and use them when the snakes are close together so none of them have a chance to escape.
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