Anthem Siege Cannon Prediction and Guide

Anthem will come in Feb 2019,  it is developed by EA and Bioware and it’s a multiplayer action RPG game. The game allows players to control their own “Freelancer,” guns-for-hire that explore the dangerous alien world of Anthem in customizable exoskeleton suits, called Javelins. Along with the three Javelin classes that Bioware has already shown off (Ranger, Juggernaut and Storm), the studio debuted footage of a fresh suit: the Interceptor. 


There are four different javelin exosuits in the game as far as we know and each one has its ultimate abilities, here GamePretty will give your the prediction and guide about the Siege Cannon in the upcoming Anthem game.


As the latest news from EA, the Siege Cannon will pure mayhem unleashed on the battlefield. This ability allows for multiple shots which each create large explosions, which makes it ideal for clearing out smaller enemies, controlling enemies in a choke point, or putting some extra damage on a boss.


You can have a look at the game feature about the Siege Cannon ability from EA


Obviously, the Siege Cannon is a power ability with enormous lethality. It can destory all the enemy on the appointed area, this ability is a AOE skill and it may have long CD or much more energy to Cooling. hope the formal game will bring the more detail about this ability. Our site will make the sustained attention.


BTW, the game is still in development, the Siege Cannon ability may change as necessary.


Post Author: Robins Chew