Anthem Wishlist: 8 Features We Want To See

As the Anthem game is coming, more and more gameplay and new features has been revealed. There may be four Javelin in Anthem game. Each javelin exosuit has its own ultimate ability. You can learn all the four javelin exosuits’ ultimate abilities from EA. Although EA had made a detail introductions about these abilities. There was still some more new features has not been released yet. Here GamePretty will collect the players’ wishlist and list the 9 new features you may want to see for the upcoming Anthem game.


Impactful Gun Sound and Animations

Guns may be the basic weapons in Anthem game, there are lots of FPS games released recently, the Call of Duty, Fortnite and the upcoming Battlefield V. they are all classic games this year, EA should make more work on the sounds and animations of the guns. The decent bass and visceral kickback visually will be nice.


Different Planet Environments

Anthem is a interstellar theme game, which means that there will be a variety of environments, such as snow areas, desert, rainforest and so no. this may be a vital part in the game.


More Secrets and Easter Eggs

There are an abundance of easter eggs available throughout the map in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as the other first-class games. Some players want to solve secrets and easter eggs in the game, which bring them a lot of pleasure.


Slow Vertical Movement

Be able to slowly fly vertically for more precise movement (looked clunky when the storm was trying to grab the echoes that were floating in the air).


Changing attack pattern

Lets say a boss has X and Y attack pattern, when it reaches a certain percentage of health add Z and V attack pattern and when reaching low health make it more aggressive and scary.


Grappling hooks

Dude, this could be so awesome. A teammate is stunned or stuck in a sticky situation with flying on CD , grappling hook that sexy javelin out of danger. Could also be used to help a javelin thats falling out of the sky or even rescue yourself.


Add Story Mode

Anthem is an online game and the offline mode is just extravagant hope. But the offline story mode will really pretty good. You can enjoy the game in a story mission alone, or with your friends.


Trading System

Trading system is required for Anthem online game. because trading is one of those things that should generally be in an online game like VOIP or global chat or the ability to move forward. The pros of having a trading system far outweighs the cons of having one.


Besides to the  8 wishlists above for Anthem game. There are also some other wishlists about the game. If you want to share your wishes for the game, you can goto Reddit.

Post Author: Robins Chew