Apex Legends: How To Disable The Respawn Entertainment Intro

The intro graphic when launching the game is super loud and destroys eardrums. Here’s how to disable it.


How To Disable It
So everyone knows that the intro graphic for Apex is super loud and very unnecessary but did you know that you can easily disable it?

To do this you must go into the file directory for Apex Legends. You can do this whether you have the game on Origin or Steam.

For example, since I have the game on Steam I would go to Drive > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Apex Legends > media

In this media file you should see two files named “intro.bik” and “respawn.bik”

What you have to do is rename both of these files to something else and KEEP THE .bik PORTION. DO NOT remove the .bik or delete these files.

Example: renamed intro.bik and respawn.bik to apex.bik and legends.bik

Once the change is done you should be able to launch Apex without the Respawn graphic playing. It will skip directly to the black loading screen and then you will be presented with the main menu.

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