Apex Legends: How to Fix “CSOM_MilesAsync_openOrFindFile” Issue

How to fix the “CSOM_MilesAsync_openOrFindFile(“audio\ship\general_japanese.mstr”) failed to open files; try resyncing” or any other language the issue appears in.


How to fix the issue
1. Change the game to Japanese (or your preferred language) in its settings.

2. After the download is finished go to “Steam\steamapps\common\Apex Legends\audio\ship” copy BOTH “general_japanese.mstr” and “general_japanese_1.mstr” to a separate folder on your desktop.

3. Change your language back to Japanese this deletes the Japanese files from the audio folder and you will have to copy them back into the audio folder.

4. Run the game it should work.

This is how I fixed the issue for myself hope it helps others.

By Kai

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