Apex Legends: How to reduct Recoil (Spraypatterns of All Automatic Weapons & Shotguns)

The spraypatterns on the left are aimed, the ones on the right are hipfire sprays.
The weapons have no attachments except the biggest mag.
All spraypattterns are from a full loaded magazine.

Light Ammo

Aimed it is very easy to reduce recoil. In infight situations it is also possible to spray hipfire. The Alternator is still very accurate against nearby enemys.


The R99 sprays nearly straight upwards. So it is very easy to reduce Recoil and get a lot of hits.


The R301 is imho the best assault rifle. As seen, the recoil reduction ist still quiet easy to handle.

Heavy Ammo

The Flatlines recoil goes up-left first, then it gets difficult. Don’t hipfire it. You will nearly hit nothing and recoil reduction is nearly impossible.


The Hemlock is not a fullautomatic weapon. You can burst fire and the the three shots are very near, while aiming. But I still prefer using single shot.


Due to the big magazine and the good damage it gives, the Spitfire is still a very good LMG. In close combat the Recoil reduction is easier than the Flatlines.

Energy Ammo

The Volt is another very easy to use SMG. To reduce recoil you just have to move your mouse down and get a lot of hits.


The Havocs biggest disadvantage is the short time it needs to start shooting. When you can handle this or have a Turbocharger equipped, the Havoc is Imho the most powerful assault rifle in Apex Legends. Good damage and very easy to reduce recoil.


The L-Star only goes straight upwards. With hipfire it goes a bit faster up.


To handle the Devotion perfect needs some training. As the Spitfire it is a good close combat weapon and still usefull at mid range when you burst.

Prowler SMG and the Shotguns

The fully equiped Prowler out of a care package seems to be a very good SMG. In automatic mode it gives a lot of damage and the recoil is easy to handle.
The recoil reduction of the R99 is still easier and you cannot find more Ammo for the prowler. So the Volt or (better) the R99 are a better choice.


Using a shotgun you don’t need to reduce recoil. But the spraypatterns are interesting to see how the bullets are spread to know the distance a shotgun is good to use orhow to aim to get the most hits.

The worst weapon in Apex Legends. The three bullets are arranged in a triangle.


All nine bulets are arranged in an eight. it makes no difference, if you aim or hipfire.

Surprise, with double tap trigger, the EVA-8 is more accurate using hipfire. hipfiring both shots have nearly no recoil.


The bullets of the Mastiff are all in a horizontal line. At midrange it ist absolutely necessary to aim.


When you aim and wait a short time, all eleven bullets hit in a very short radius. So you can use the Peacekeeper even at midrange. Using hipfire, the bullets are arranged as a star. In close combat it is quiet easy to hit all bullets without aiming.

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