ARK Survival Evolved: KeyBinds for Keyboard 2020

Make more use of your keys by understanding and editing DefaultInput.INI.
Example included.


Keybind in ARK:SE

KEYBIND is to bind/assign a key on your keyboard to an action/command in game.


1) “Space” execute the action of jumping (in ARK:SE) or
2) “LeftMouseButton” is the FIRE key.


For this game, the name of the keys can be the name of that key or simply the key itself.

  • To change Ordering Group to group 1 you press “NumPadOne


  • To walk forward or walk backward you press “W” or “S“, respectively


    +AxisMappings=(AxisName=”MoveForward”,Key=S,Scale=-1.000000) [Walking backwards is is the reverse scale of forward]



C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Config

Make changes
  1. Make a copy o the file and rename to DefaultInput_ORIGINAL
  2. Open DefaultInput.ini and make desired changes
  3. Save it.

You can make changes with ARK:SE openned. Go to Menu>Keybinds and Set to Default to make sure DefaultInput.ini has changed.

About Keybinds in ARK:SE

Many actions in the game are not rebindable in the game menu. Changing DefaultInput.ini bypass that restriction.
In this line


the action is to Hide/Show Dino names (when HUD is active) using the End key (next do Delete). This action is not rebindable in the game menu.

Combo Keys

Many Actions accept Combos Keys, like CtrlShiftAlt and Cmd, but by default, these don’t work properly because they are assigned to other commands that are only possible in DefaultInput.ini.
To make them usable, we have to clean all action that they do. To bind them in game simple press Ctrl+X or Shift+NumPadTwo.
To bind in DefaultInput.ini you must change which combo key you are using.


This line means that to Order Dinos to Move to cursor location the combo is Ctrl+Alt+E.

Ergonomic Layout

How to

Using the Combo Keys you can change the way you play to not take your hand of the main WASD keys.

Download this DefaultInput.ini and try it out.
Click here to open GoogleDrive file view → My Settings[]

In my layout i’m using 1-5 and Shift+1-5 to Hotbar Items.

Shift+3 = Hotbar Slot 8 or Shift+5 = Hotbar Slot 10

Ingame, the keys are show in the Hotbar, so you won’t have trouble forgetting

And to access the Ordering Groups, I simply press Ctrl+#.

Ctrl+3 = Order Group 3 or Ctrl+8 = Order Group 8

“My hand is not big enough to press Ctrl+8 or Ctrl+0”.

Change it to Ctrl+Alt+# or, in my case, I use 12 buttons Mouse to access these far to reach combos.

Spare Keys

Take Advantage

If you have a mouse with lots of keys, profiles and combos, take advantage.

Unused Keys

Using the provided DefaultInput.ini download, you have many keys that are free (and weren’t before), like 6-0, all NumPad keys, Arrow keys and more.


Don’t forget to make a copy of the original .INI.

If you do forget and want to revert to the game original settings, delete it and run ARK:SE Verify Files.

My layout…

… has Single Player in mind, so many Chat Keys and Multiplayer stuff have Unassigned keys. Simply rebind them in Game Menu. If you miss some feature for your game, change the .INI. Any Unassigned actions are signaled with “///” (triple Slash):


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