Armed to the Gears: Strategy for Launch Site leve

This strategy will be somewhat counter-intuitive, but seems to work.

1) load your mech with missiles and plasma

2) Upon deployment, quickly capture all three generators, and all the upgrade capacitors.

3) Build defense ONLY on the right-most generator. With 400+ points, you can spam missile turrets quite easily. Yes, this is intentional. Hostiles will attack all three, but you don’t care about the other 2. As long as you can keep ONE generator, you’ll live on.

4) Build up a reserve of jet fuel, snipe enemies as needed, draw them back to your turret wall.

5) When you think you are ready, conduct a raid. Enemy has THREE bases, just like yours. You need to raid one at a time, run PAST the attack force. Let them die on your turrets. You have to take out all the spawners. Get in there and run past turrets, enemies, and more. Run around, spam the artillery and missiles and never stop shooting (except overheat). Use jet to run away if needed. Repeat. Take out the spawner outside the fort in the middle first. That will significantly reduce assault force size that attack you.

6) When you need to repair, go back, retake some of the generators, build a repair point and fix yoruself. Then repeat (5) until only the fort and spawners inside are left.

7) You should be able to build turrets in front of the enemy fort now. Nothing will survive to leave the fort, Conquer the other two generators to help. Move the turrets forward (remove and rebuild)

7A) You may want to now take out the two giant mechs off to the sides.

8) Final push… kill everything inside the fort and conquer that last generator.

By kschang77

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