Armed to the Gears Troubleshooting

Game crashing, unstable or behaving weirdly? Check these tips to try to get everything back on track.


Reseting game config and registry

Try the following steps to reset every configuration to default:
WARNING: you’ll lose all your game stats and saved information.

1. Close and uninstall Armed to the Gears;

2. Locate and delete the follwing folder (default is C: unless you modified in your windows install):
C:\Users\<your User Name>\AppData\LocalLow\Deonn Software ltd_\Armed to the Gears

tip: type %appdata% in windows explorer to find the AppData folder.

3. Locate and delete the windows Registry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Deonn Software ltd.

tip: run regedit (win key + R), type regedit and click Ok);

4. Re-install the game and re-start it.

These files and the registry will be regenerated the next time you run the game with default “factory” settings.

Antivirus False-positives

There are known issues with some antivirus (Avast, Norton) detecting “IDP.Generic” as a possible threat and sometimes deleting or putting the executable file in Quarantine.

This will prevent the game from running or finishing the download from Steam Library.

To fix this, just add “Armed to the Gears.exe” to your antivirus exception list.

If you still have questions regarding this issue, visit:

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