Art Of Rally Achievement Guide 2021

A guide to help you get 100% achievements in Art Of Rally.


Career Achievements

These achievements are all unlocked through career mode. You can also complete some of the other achievements while working towards these ones.

Win your first season

This can be easily achieved in the 1967 season in Group 2. You do not need to get 100% restarts to unlock this. You also don’t have to win both stages but you must come first overall.

Complete all group 2 seasons

RWD Only
Complete all group 3 seasons

Complete all group 4 seasons

Complete all group B seasons

Parallel Universe
Complete all group S seasons

Complete all group A seasons

Parking Lot
Unlock all bonuses in career

You can unlock bonus liveries for vehicles by completing seasons without using up restarts. To get this achievement I recommend not restarting any stage you carry out. This is because you will still get the achievements for completing the seasons (it doesn’t matter if you don’t win).

Master Of Rally
Complete the game

Complete all of the seasons in career mode. I will update this when I find out but I’m pretty sure this achievement unlocks when all seasons are completed regardless of the stage wins/restarts percentage. However, it would make sense if this unlocked when all seasons have 100%.

Online Achievements

Go to online events and complete the daily and weekly events. It doesn’t matter where you finish, just make sure you do finish.

In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion
Complete a daily event

Real Roads, Real Fast
Complete a weekly event

Free Roam Achievements

These are to complete in free roam mode. You must get 100% of the collectables to unlock the next free roam area.

Dirty a vehicle to the fullest extent

You don’t have to do this in free roam but I found it easiest to do. You will unlock this achievement while driving around Korkatti Lakes finding the collectables.

The Artist
Go through the paint booth

Located in the spawn area of each free roam map.

Car Wash
Go through the car wash

Located in the spawn area of each free roam map.


Please click the link above to view mrjodicow’s fantastic guide for the location of all collectable items if you need any help finding them. Go show him some love if his guide helps you out!

Find all collectables in Korkatti Lakes

Find all collectables in San Pietro Island

Find all collectables in Kanto Mountains

Find all collectables in Gimsøymyrene

Find all collectables in Mannebach

Damage Achievements
Keep It Tidy
Complete a stage without damaging the carJust cruise through the stage and make sure not to hit anything. Make sure to choose a short stage to get it over with quicker.

Barely Keeping It Together
Complete a stage with a near totalled car

All you need to do is keep crashing a car as much as you can throughout the stage. It is more down to luck whether you get across the line with near total damage or not.

Get terminal damage

Set damage to severe before starting a stage. You have to kill the car on the first impact to get this. You can’t have multiple crashes and then end up with terminal as the car will not be able to get enough speed to receive terminal damage.

How I Got The Achievement
Custom Rally -> Germany -> Farschweiler R -> Il Gorilla 4S
Drive through a short section of bales at the start. Once you get to the long straight just go flat out into one of the Hinkelstones and you should get terminal damage. If not restart and try again!

This achievement is a reference to the famous YouTube video ‘Samir….You’re breaking the car!!!’

Group B
Finish a race while on fire

Set damage to severe before starting a stage. Crash until your vehicle sets on fire. Then carefully drive to the end of the stage and cross the line. Note: it doesn’t have to be a Group B vehicle, however they are easiest to catch on fire.

Win a rally against master AI with severe damage simulation

When setting up and event make sure the AI is set to master and the damage is on severe. This may take some practice and stage learning.

Weather Achievements
You can complete 3 of these achievements back to back if you wish. Set up a custom rally with 3 stages and change the weather of each stage to get 3 of the achievements. You cannot do all 4 because Norway has snow instead of rain.

Night Ride
Finish a stage at night

Finish a stage during rain

Where Is The Stage?
Finish a stage during fog

Finish a stage while it’s snowing

Miscellaneous Achievements
These have no specific category. Some can be very easy and others are long and require more of a grind to complete.

Light Attack
Reach 100 km/h

If you haven’t unlocked this have you even played the game?

Medium Attack
Reach 150 km/h

Maximum Attack
Reach 200 km/h

The first 2 are easy to achieve but this last one is a little trickier. The way I did it was jumping in the Fujin on the German stage Gonnesweiler. There is a really long, fast section at the start of the stage that you can go flat out on. For those racing in MPH the speed needed to unlock the achievement is 125MPH

If In Doubt, Flat Out!
Hold the accelerator for 60 seconds

Go to custom rally and select any stage in Germany. Drive along the stage until you come across some hay bales. Slowing rest the car head first into a bale and then hold the accelerator. The achievement will unlock once you have reached 60 seconds.

Good Drivers Have Dead Flies On The Side Windows
Spend 5 minutes sliding

This is one of the achievements that will unlock the more you play the game.

Spend 5 minutes airborne

This is one of the achievements that will unlock the more you play the game.

You Can’t Treat A Car Like A Human Being. A Car Require Love
Roll 30 times

You can unlock this over time, but if you want to get it out of the way then you can go into free roam and just keep crashing the car so it barrel rolls. You can see your progress on the achievements page.

Bicycle Race
Drive on 2 wheels for 3 seconds

This is actually harder than it may seem. Similar to the 60 seconds accelerator achievement you need to create a scenario to unlock it. Below I have linked a quick guide by Sierra on the quickest way to go about this achievement. Show them some love if it helped you out!
Link To Guide

To Finish First, First You Must Finish
Complete 20 rallies

Just work your way through career mode and this will eventually unlock. You can check your progress of this achievement on the achievement page.

Absolute Drift
Finish a stage driving the original at night in Japan

This relates to Funselektor’s other title ‘Absolute Drift’. If you haven’t tried it out I highly recommend it!

Food Tour: Pasta
Drive an Italian car in Italy

In custom rally or time attack select Sardinia and chose one of these cars
Italian Cars
La Regina
Il Nonno 313
La Wedge
Il Cavallo 803
La Longana
Il Gorilla 4S
Il Gorilla E1
Il Gorillona

Food Tour: Pretzel
Drive a German car in Germany

In custom rally or time attack select Germany and chose one of these cars
German Cars
Das 220
Das 119i
Das 119e
Das Whip
Das Uberwhip
Das Hammer V1
Das Hammer V2
Das Eibenhammer
All Vans

Comfy Seats
Drive 500km with one vehicle

Complete this achievement with the one below. Whenever you do free roam make sure you drive the Fujin. When you get to the Group A seasons only use the Fujin. You can track how many kilometres you are clocking in the car selection menu.

You’re Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time
Drive the Fujin for 555km

Same as above, just make sure you use this vehicle at every available opportunity.

If Everything Seems Under Control, You’re Not Going Fast Enough
Complete 1000 stages

By far the hardest achievement to get. Not because it’s difficult, because it’s not, it’s just so looooooooooooooong long. Sorry about that. At the time of writing this only 0.4% of players have achieved this, so good luck!

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