As Far As The Eye: Harmony and Knowledge Secrets

Harmony affects the frequency of Varagies while Knowledge can help you combat that. I’ve done my own tests on both to obtain information that isn’t prevalent in the game.


General Info

The info, experiments, and guide were made using v1.0.0 to v1.0.2. This guide is likely incomplete or may become outdated with further updates, dlc, expansions, etc.

Harmony affects the rate of Minor Varagies in the game but it’s effect on the type of Varagies is unknown. Knowledge, using the Council, can be used to combat or predict Minor and Major Varagies. Throughout my gameplay I noticed odd things about Knowledge and I was curious about what actions affected Harmony so I conducted some tests using custom mode and below are the results.


Positive Influences

Traveling Caravan Trading = +30
Traveling Caravan Pupil Trade (requires resources for the trade) = ???
Praying to Scared Site = +50

Negative Influences

Destroying a Resource = -20
Plundering a Scared Site = -50
Leaving Behind a Single Resource when Traveling to the Next Halt = -1

Neutral/No Influence

Leaving Behind a Mobile Building
Soothing Auras
Gathering from Protect Resources
Exploring Remains


There’s not many secrets for knowledge but I found a nice one at least.

Gain 600 knowledge from exploring the entire Halt
Gain 400 knowledge from the “Help” option from a Traveling Caravan if present

Other Secrets

3+ Protective Auras on a non-corresponding resource results in that resource being protected (need to determine the exact number)

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