ASCENXION: “End of the Cycle” Secret Achievement Guide

A short guide on how to unlock the secret achievement “End of the Cycle”.


To get the secret achievement “End of the Cycle” you need to defeat the final boss with the following equipment:

Main Slot:
Old Rune Stone – You get this at the very start of the game

Sub Slots:
Hourglass – Don’t remember where this is obtained. Probably somewhere within the “Temple of Time” (First major zone)
Bone Fragment – Within the “Land of Life” (Second major zone). Specifically in the “Bastion of the Dead”
Eternal Fire – Within the “Rune Forge” (Third major zone). I don’t remember the exact location, but I am fairly certain it’s in the hot section of the map.
Fragment of Light – Obtained by defeating the Guardian of Light (Forth major zone). This is a mandatory pickup, so you can’t miss it.

You do not need to do the entire fight with the above equipment, as you can just switch to it at the very end before you deal the finishing blows.
Also I am not 100% sure on this last point, but I think you may also need to uncover all three secret areas. If you are missing any check the images section.

If everything was done correctly you should get a new ending cinematic and the achievement.



Required Loadout
Temple of Time

Land of Life

Rune Forge

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