Ashen All Achievements Guide

There are a lot of achievements in the Ashen game, but it is relatively easy to get it. Let’s see.


Main narrative achievements:

You will get these achievements by going through the narratives

1.Vagrant’s rest




5.Shadow Walker(Beat Amiren and complete Silaren’s side mission)。

6.Lathyrus‘ last stand

7.Shadow of Ashen

8.Leap of faith

9.Twin heart of Lathyrus



Branch mission achievement

1.Best serve cold. Complete Eila’s branch mission.

2.placebo. Complete the Vorsa branch mission.

3.Heritage. Complete the Jokell branch mission.

4.Flesh wound. Complete the Floriker mission.

5.Crafter. All upgrades. Find all NPCs then it will unlock naturally after completing a certain amount of mission.

6.Fancy. All resident clothing. Need to complete a certain branch task, and unlock after the main line defeats the shadow of the gods.

7.New Lathyurs. Created all the houses in the camp. Need to complete a certain branch line, naturally unlock as the main line advances

8.Double trouble. Kill the Touma and Souma brothers. NPC branch task


Other achievements

1.House warming. Kill the crab in the cave north of the camp(at the west of the cave)

2.Brute island. Kill the big enemy in the northwest corner of the camp.

3.Hunter. Kill a deer

4.trapper. Kill a rabbit

5.Big game. Kill a mammoth (not counting in the quest)

6.Squork. Kill a crow

7.Fleeing the Nest. Find the Savage Kol

8. Contemplation. Arrive at the land of contemplation, The location is located on the west side of the stone of the Ceremony of the Sundial. There is a very obvious recessed area on the map. Go inside, go all the way up to the top, you will see a statue in contemplation

9.Malik’s Curse. Wear the shadow veil

10.Threads of light. Have worn all the holy equipments。Fireplace, Ukkoto’s trick, Gefn’s blessing, Guardian’s contract and Orli’s detonator.

11.Children of Sissna. Unlock after completing Sissna’s Kid mode(Initial blood volume and energy will be reduced, more damage to enemies)


That’s all.

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