Ashen-How to Fight The Final Boss

Final BOSS

Familiar with the move

Phase 1: use your teammate to draw the attention, the key is to go from behind. When you got locked, Attack 2 times then wait for the next round.

Phase 2: Attack with teammates at the same time at first, remember to dodge. The key here is to attract, the biggest flaw of BOSS is the mid-distance rushing. There is a long reaction time. It is just right to lock the flash 2 and just attack 2 times and then continue dodge.

When the spider thing attacks you, you roll behind him, and then you can attack and then dodge.

It is best to use two-handed axe, attacking high with crit, and adding 50 attacking agents will quickly get it.。


Equipment recommendation

Gefn’s blessing,Reduce damage,I can immunize 1 attack in 23 seconds

Amulets are commonly used: slash ,reduce half of energy, reduce armor energy (wearing heavy armor necessary), automatically add blood, teammates die plus attack (final BOSS).

Shield can use the Malik shield given by the mission


Worth upgrading weapon

Initial equipment long nail stick Have high damage。

The two-handed hammer can easily stun, and it is easy to put the quirks on the heavy hits. It is very useful.

The two-handed axe has the highest attack and has a crit. It is best to use on the BOSS.

The most balanced is the axe(287,312,23)that the first figure can get.

The rune axe (301, 345, 15) given by the first big BOSS also has the highest attack, and the attack distance is a bit close and the crit is not high.

That 50 damage reduction potion and Heavy armor plus 2 damage reduction amulets, The mobs hit you with only a small amount of blood.

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