Assetto Corsa – How to Paint AC Car Liveries in 3D

This guide is briefly introduction to how to paint AC Car liveries in 3D. Let’s look at the tutorial below.

Expand the YouTube video description for timestamps to skip ahead to key sections. I’ve also included download links for the software.

This two-part tutorial will briefly demonstrate how to paint Assetto Corsa car liveries (skins) in 3D (optional) and then also demonstrate how to paint or finalise the car skin in 2D.

Apologies in retrospect for the low volume / poor audio quality of the upload. If an issue, you can try boost it on your side through your operating system or browser plugin.


00:00 – Assetto Corsa *.kn5 mesh extraction (only required for 3D painting)

05:44 – 3D Painting using Autodesk Mudbox 2018

13:56 – 2D Painting and detailing using getPaint.NET

19:28 – Previewing your creation in ACShowroomView (without launching Assetto Corsa)

20:12 – Setting a car selection icon and preview image.

22:11 – Ending moments, thanks for watching!

Software Used

Assetto Corsa *.kn5 mesh extraction:
3DSimED3 (free trial available). Download here:

3D Painting:
Autodesk Mudbox 2018 (free trial available). Download here:

Alternatively – you can also try Blender (free). Download here:

2D Painting: Paint.NET (free). Download here:
Paint.NET PSD Plugin (to open/save Photoshop *.psd files). Download here:

Viewer for all cars in Assetto Corsa: ACShowroomView (free). Download here:

This Guide was written by Tebb, if you have any other problems. you can leave you comment below.


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