Ato: All Hidden Achievements Guide

This guide will help you get all the hidden achievements of the game.


Backstory Achievements

*Can only be gotten after you have the demon blade.

Visit the entrance of the Clan Headquarters

Visit the tree above the save of where you get the chainned draw.

Visit the hidden lake – west of the house

Visit your house

Easy to do (and miss) Achievements

Okay then
As the game starts, hit start at the TinyWarrior Games screen several times to “slash” it!

Defeat the the fake boss 10 times or more.

You Tried
Be defeated by Vagrant in one of his frustrating encounters.

Anti-Crystal Policy
Destroy 50 little blue crystal thingies in the (violet) cavern area walls.

Bamboo Cut
Cut 50 bamboo stalks in green area where you find the yellow fragment and the “armor” technique.

Hard to do Achievements
Survive the first encounter against the Fox Demon – just don’t hit him and keep avoiding the attacks (its more about skill than luck here!)

Nice Try
Try to read the ancient scroll before the battle with Shin.
Its a bit hard to do – and will demand skill and some luck.
– to TRY do this, you’ll need the Double Jump, Pinwheel Spin (upgraded), the Eyesight techniques, and have at least six or more mana bars.
– now you need to access the scroll by the hidden passage in ceiling, using the mentioned skills.

Because it’s there
Find the hidden easter egg in the top of the dark area – just west of the room where you fought the TinyWarrior Secret Boss.
This will demand a incredible eyesight – because you’ll need to find DARK GREY plataforms in middle of the BLACK background to reach the top of the area!

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