Aurora Chronicles: Survival Guide (Controls, Abilities, and Enemies)

Hey there everyone here is a brief descriptive outline of the guide for how to play Aurora Chronicles.
Note: Aurora Chronicles is an upcoming game that will be released on Steam.



Combat & Movement

Game is best used with a controller the following shall be Xbox Controller Commands

A- to jump (Requires Stamina)
X- to Attack
Y -nothing
B-Flash Ability (Requires Stamina)



These Abilities can be activated as long as your Mana Bar has at least 1 bar available to use.
RB+A= Dragons Fury Ability (Enemies have a chance of being slowed by this ability)
RB+X= Lightning Burst
RB+B= PyroBurst (Enemies have a chance of being burned from ability which will apply extra dmg)


Majority of enemies will do collision damage if you run into them so remember to keep your distance when fighting enemies or they can get extra/free damage

The Reaper = A big enemy which is slow but when he strikes he deals big damage sometimes you have a chance to stun him as well. Also the Reaper is Immune to the Burn Effect so be careful when around him!

The Goblin = A speedy Goblin which gets across the map fairly quickly, he has 2 damaging abilities one which has a fast double attack and another which does burst damage.

The Slime Monster = This is a slow monster who’s easy to maneuver around and a low enemy threat but if you let him creep up on you that could very well be your fate.

Thanks to DyvineValentine of WaterTribe for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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