Anthem Wishlist: 8 Features We Want To See

As the Anthem game is coming, more and more gameplay and new features has been revealed. There may be four Javelin in Anthem game. Each javelin exosuit has its own ultimate ability. You can learn all the four javelin exosuits’ ultimate abilities from EA. Although EA had made a detail introductions about these abilities. There […]

How to Fix Controller NOT Working in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K series is one of the most famous sport video game, you can play online and you can create your player as you like from a newbie to a superstar. however. there always some issues in this game. Controller not working is one of the game problem since NBA 2K16. here GamePretty will guide […]

Fallout 76 PC Beta Dates and Released Times

As the latest news about Fallout 76 game from Bethesda Game Studios, The Fallout 76 beta has released on October 30th on PC. however. the beta can not run constantly but in scheduled sessions, here are the latest scheduled sessions released time for the Fallout 76 PC beta as far: Tuesday, November 6: 10 am […]

Anthem Siege Cannon Prediction and Guide

Anthem will come in Feb 2019,  it is developed by EA and Bioware and it’s a multiplayer action RPG game. The game allows players to control their own “Freelancer,” guns-for-hire that explore the dangerous alien world of Anthem in customizable exoskeleton suits, called Javelins. Along with the three Javelin classes that Bioware has already shown off […]