Autobahn Police Simulator 2: How to Unlock Hidden Achievements

In this guide we will show you Where to find all the memorials to unlock the hidden achievement In Memoriam. each location in this guide is with screenshot. hope this guide will help you.



Shown above are all the locations of the different memorials.

Memorials 1 – 5

1. Near Nissen

2. Between Leensburg and Nissen

3. Past Leensburg

4. By Dübenring (Airport)

5. When leaving Breitau to the right

Memorials 6 – 10

6. Opposite of Lenonberg

7. Near Sieghausen

8. Between Kaiserstätt and Frauensteig

9. Near Steckringen

10. Near the tunnel

By Leen

Post Author: Robins Chew