Automachef: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide aims to help you unlock all 11 achievements. It will be separated in five sections : Campaign achievements, Contracts achievements, Scenario achievements, Test Site achievements and Misc achievements. I won’t go as far as detail walkthrough but I’ll do my best to guide you.


Campaign levels achievements

Native Machine Code Achieve 90% efficiency when successfully completing a campaign level

You should get this achievement during the second tutorial level.

Code Complete Complete all campaign levels

This achievement only concerns the 30 main levels which you need to “perfect”.Check the videos from APOK, Kronon and others on Youtube, I’m currently at level 25 and still need to go through the five remaining levels to unlock this achievement 🙂

Data Centre Successfully complete a campaign level using at least one Order Reader, one Counting Machine and one Repeater

This achievement can be done in the the Life Of Pie level (TG1), part of the Thanksgiving update.
Here’s the layout I used :

I’ve brought modifications to the following machines (with pictures) :

  • Order reader 1
  • Order reader 2
  • Electrical Ovens 1, 2 and 3 (same modification)
  • Assembler 1
  • Assembler 2
  • Storage tank
  • Pump
  • Robotic Arm Smart
Machine Learning Complete all 5 tutorial levels


Contracts Achievements

Trusted Source Reach 100% reputation in Contracts Mode

Keep completing contracts until you reach 100% reputation (might take some time). I’d advise you to take on the medium contracts to be safe.

Making a Statement Complete 5 contracts on hard difficulty

Self-explanatory, you should choose the ones with the easiest recipes.

Test Site achievement

Experimental Feature Create a Test Site kitchen

Easiest achievement here:

  • On the main menu, click on “Test Site”
  • Click on “Create New Kitchen”

Scenario Achievement

Commit and Push Publish a custom scenario to the Steam Workshop

Here’s how to unlock this achievement :

  • On the Main Menu, click on “Scenario Editor”
  • Click on “Create New Scenario”
  • Click on “Okay”
  • Give it a name and a description
  • In the Objectives tab, select the objective “Deliver 1 dishes”
  • Click on “Okay”
  • Click on “Start”
  • Create an kitchen able to deliver one Plain Burger
  • Once it’s done, return to Scenario menu and then you’ll be able to publish it

Misc achievements

You should obtain these achievements while you play the main campaign, but you can also unlock them in the other modes.

Bug Fixing Eradicate an insect infestation

Create the following scenario and press Start, enjoy the show ! The principle is to get food in a storage, place the Xterminator next to it and press Start.

Malware Deliver a dish with salmonella

Download the workshop Tests Site here : Salmonella By: Jax Bois
(Credits go to the creator of this mod)
Load it, press Start and enjoy the show !

Overclocked Have a machine on fire

This achievement will pop without effort during tutorial 4. You can create the fire by having ingredients on the grill for too long.

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