Avorion: Station Complex Guide 2021

Avorion guide for connecting station complexes together.


First, Position.
Build your stations in a modular fashion, with large docks to link together. For this example, we are making a Red Steel factory as the “Parent” factory, with a Blue Scrap metal trader factory, and an Orange Coal Mine.
Once built, set them to “Transport Mode”.
Using a large, maneuverable ship, dock the stations to the ship and position them close to where they need to be placed.

Undock the ship from the stations, then enter your “Parent” station.
Once in the main Factory, dock the other stations to the factory.
(Tip : make the docks very large and equal on both stations in order to easily link them together)
You should have all your stations now connected, and all in “Transport Mode”.

Second, Configure.
Once all the stations are in position, set them all to “Station mode”
Wait for the cooldown timer, then enter the Main factory to configure it like so –

Set the Factory to fetch goods from your connected stations, and disable the buying goods options.
As the other stations make or buy goods, they are added to the “Parent” stations cargo hold automatically.
It is recommended to have your “Parent” station cargo bay 2x’s larger than your other stations cargo bays… in order to have sufficient space for manufacturing your goods.

Third, Profit

Once done, your factory can be left alone to continually produce goods for sale, and you will never have to manage transport ships, transporter buying loops, or any other troublesome trading methods.

Note: Avorion only supports one Parent Station… so you cannot chain dock multiple stations together. The stations can only all be docked to One other station.

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