Azur Lane: Crosswave – New PC Player Guide

If you haven’t launched the game and don’t want to deal with the frustration of how the UI works, this guide is for you. Tailored for those who plan to use a keyboard and mouse to play the game.


The Guide

Azurlane Crosswave New PC Player Guide By Abysa#6356
Made with lots of love, help from others, and frustration that the ESCAPE key is useless.


This short guide is intended for new players who are playing on the PC port.


The following is the different parts of the guide. Each section is seperate by dashes.

1. Binds
2. Map
3. Combat


The game is not very optimized for PC as the controls are designed for a controller. If you wish to use a controller feel free to do so. The controller used is based off an XBOX controller. If you wish to use keyboard and mouse, the controls are a bit more complicated. There was little done to make it tolerable while playing. It is recommended to memorize the keys as there is only 10 keyboard keys that you will mainly use. Also if you are playing on a laptop or external keyboard that has RGB backlighting, creating a custom backlight for the used keys can help you memorize which keys are which.

The following are the default binds as listed in settings.

Confirm Button – A
Up – Arrow Up
Down – Arrow Down
Right – Arrow Right
Left – Arrow Left
L Stick Up – W
L Stick Down – S
L Stick Right – D
L Stick Left – A
R Stick Up – 8
R Stick Down – 5
R Stick Right – 6
R Stick Left – 4
B – K
A – L
X – O
Y – I
Start – Tab
Select – B
LB – J
RB – ;
LT – U
RT – P
LS – N
RS – M

To put this visually, the main non-standard controls look like this.

[LT][Y ][X ][RT]
[LB][B ][A ][RB]

translated to keyboard terms it looks like

[U ][I ][O ][P ]
[J ][K ][L ][; ]
[N ][M ]

The IOKL are in order YXBA which correspond to the letter buttons on a XBOX controller.
The U and P correspond to the left and right triggers on a XBOX controller.
The J and ; correspond to the left and right buttons on a XBOX controller.
The N and M correspond to the left and right sticks when pressed down on a XBOX controller.

The following are what actions are tied to the default binds in the game. Actions that are always listed visually in the game will not be put here.

Basic Actions

Left Click – A or Click Button
Right Click – K or Go Back

Warehouse Actions

Scroll Wheel – Scroll item list

Dock Actions

Scroll Wheel – Scroll between Main Ships and Support Ships

Visual Novel Actions

L – Advance Text
K – Hide Message Window
I – Display Backlog
O – Start/Stop Skip Mode
; – Start/Stop Auto Mode
P – End Current Event

Map Actions

Go To Sub Menu – Tab or I
Navigate Map – WASD
Expand Map – B
Grab Equipment – A


The map is the main method of finding new events and battles. There isn’t much to say here as the map isn’t very complicated. The compass on the upper left shows the location of the next event. If there is no available events, search for green events. If you come across tech boxes, called containers in the game, collect them as they give you gear and other items. Also silver containers can reappear.


Combat in this game is geared toward use of a controller, however it is playable with just a keyboard and mouse. However it is recommended to remap buttons if you can since the default binds are not easily accessible during combat. An example is if you have a mouse with extra reprogrammable buttons, remap keys to them.

The official keybinds are the following.

RB – Armament 1
RT – Armament 2
B – Special Action
X – Special Skill
A – Special Lock On Attack

Anti-aircraft guns are shot automatically. You can still use your armament to hit aircraft.

If you are using keyboard and mouse, the default keybinds are the following.

WASD – Character Movement
Mouse – Camera Movement
Left Click / ; – Armament 1
Right Click / P – Armament 2
Mouse Wheel / Arrow Keys – Switch Characters
K – Special Action
X – Special Skill
A – Special Lock On Attack


This is in no way a full guide on Azurlane Crosswave. However it does contain very useful information if you are new to the game and don’t have to get frustrated over how to navigate the UI. If you wish for me to create full guide in the future.

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